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Jonathan Adler X Fisher Price | Toy Review

April 27, 2017

When I first heard about Fisher Price teaming up with the iconic designer Jonathan Adler, I thought it was a bit of a strange combination – but actually, Jonathan Adler is known for his bright colours and high contrast patterns and who loves bright colours and high contrast patterns? Babies! So actually the collaboration makes a lot of sense.

The Activity Crocodile is fab, its the perfect size for hanging on the head rest of the car and as Rory is still rear facing (and will be for a long time) it keeps him entertained really nicely. He loves to grab hold of the two rattles at the bottom and make as much noise as possible. The design is lovely, really aesthetically pleasing with plenty of colours and each new pattern has a different texture. Rory really loves to stroke his hand along the scales, taking in all the different textures as well as stroking the soft plush corduroy. It’s also really soft and a perfect size for Rory to tote around with him.


The Activity Elephant is another winner, its a really great size for playing with and Rory generally likes to have it on top of him so that he can hug it and make it crinkle. It has loads going on with it, again with all different textures for him to touch and feel as well as loads and loads of bright patterns and bold colours.



The Monkey Mirror is a clear favourite and it’s actually one of the best baby toys I have come across, there is so much going on in one toy and it’s really nice and portable. One side has a large mirror, a winner for all babies as we know how much they love their reflection! The mirror side crinkles and also has two rattles and a squeaker so perfect for making the most of tummy time. The opposite side has some really pretty animal patterns and designs which are perfect as once your baby hits the three-month mark they adore bright colours. Rory is obsessed with the Monkey Mirror, he gets really excited about it and loves making it crinkle by grabbing it and shaking it. It’s the perfect size for him. It has a really easy velcro fastener, turning it into a book that you can simply tote it around in your changing bag. Perfect for keeping your baby entertained when on the go!

To see the toys more in depth you can find my YouTube video here.

*We were sent these toys free of charge in exchange for an honest review, as always, all opinions are 100% honest and our own!

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