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Joie Signature Pact Flex Review

September 16, 2018

I didn’t have my own personal car (Rich and I shared) when I first had two kids under two, so mainly walked EVERYWHERE with the double pram. When I FINALLY got my own car and we drove to places a lot more, I started to have a huge issue with trying to juggle a toddler, a baby in a car seat and a changing bag.

It hit an all time high when I had to drag a tantrumming toddler and a heavy car seat across a huge field to get to the car. Rory was tantrumming becuase we were leave the park and I swore then that we wouldnt be doing this juggle again!

I swore then that we wouldnt be doing this again!

I had a collapsible “umbrella” buggy but the problem with that is it would involve transferring Elin from her car seat to a pram which is something we all know, rarely goes to plan!

I realised I needed something that would work as a travel system. We already had the Joie i-Gemm car seat so I needed something that would work with that… enter stage right, the Joie Signature Pact Flex.

The Joie Signature Pact Flex is a super lightweight, folding pram that is compatible with Joie (and Maxi Cosi) infant car seats. As it was so lightweight it was the perect solution for a pram that could stay in the car all the time and not take up too much space or weigh the car down.

I used mine as a part time solution however, the pram and the car seat would actually make a great and super afforable travel system.

The pram is suitable from birth as it lays flat, however if you wanted a parent facing solution for those early days you could team it up with the car seat to do so.

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