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I’ve not been happy recently… | My Happiness Project 2.0

September 28, 2017

This is actually quite a hard post to write as I have recently vowed that I want my ‘brand’ to be all about positivity and good vibes but I can’t currently do that with the headspace I am in. I don’t know if it’s pregnancy hormones, but right now I really can’t shake off certain feelings. My normal go to mentality is to be positive, but it’s becoming all too apparent that I am looking at almost everything I am doing at the moment in a negative light.

I have finally got to a point where enough is absolutely enough and I want to take some major steps to getting back to a positive headspace and more importantly, get back to me. Naturally, since having a baby I have let motherhood consume me slightly but I want to learn a little more about the person I am.

Made a list of things making me unhappy: This seems like a really natural place to start, there are personal life niggles at the moment that are adding a huge weight to me. Not only have I decided to make a list but I have also added strategies on how to move them into a better place i.e. Freelance work makes me really worry about making sure we stay afloat financially, Solution: Build a honeypot, make sure we have some financial security in a time where I am not short of work. 

Made a list of things making me happy: I have decided to make regular gratitude lists and to stick to them I am going to make them a regular blog post and also set up a linky so that others can do the same. More positive vibes in the blogosphere! #positivevibesparty anyone?

Self-Love: (I can never say this without cringing slightly!)  I am crap at this in so many forms. I hardly spend as much time on myself beauty-wise as I used to, I put myself last when it comes to treats and I am rubbish at celebrating my successes. If you told me a year from now that blogging would be my job and I would be making a solid income, I’d of laughed at you as that would have been a dream come true! Then my dream did come true and all I can focus on is the negativity, “ooh it’s scary as I don’t know where the next job is” etc instead of thinking “I am doing what I love, doing well at it and spending time with my baby!” It’s embarrassing and unforgivable. I am such a lucky girl and because of my crappy headspace, I am not embracing it!

Surround myself with quotes: I am and always have been your stereotypical ‘basic girl’ and I love quotes, they genuinely work at improving my mood. I love a good Pinterest session to make me feel like I can take on the world. Currently, my laptop background is a standard window’s one so that’s changing straight away!

Diet & Multivitamins: My diet is appalling, it’s that simple! I cannot possibly have a positive mentality with my poor diet. I am really bad for peaks and troughs, some days my diet will be perfect and others it’s purely convenience food. I have decided to start allocating a ‘basket’ every morning of fruit i.e. popping five bits of fruit or veg and a bottle of water in some Tupperware and taking it with me to make sure I get through it! Also water, water, water. I know I feel ten times better when I drink a tonne of water so I need to nail this. I am currently taking a lot of vitamins to get me through my pregnancy but I am forgetful with it and need to sort that out!

Downtime: Blogging used to be my downtime but now it’s my job, so although still enjoyable it has lost its relaxation elements. I keep seeing how Jess Avey is focusing her positive mental attitude with exercise. I wouldn’t join a gym as I am notoriously bad at going but I have been looking into picking up a bike or a baby jogging pushchair and taking up cycling or running as it’s something I can do with Rory! (he would obviously have to get a little seat thing) We already go on so many walks but he is starting to bore of them a little more so I am thinking some speed may keep him on his toes! I have been looking to do this affordablely and so far have just found this bike discounts site so any recommendations on a “jogger pushchair” and where to find one would be appreciated!

Organisation: Since being pregnant I have had a scrambled brain! Honestly, it’s so bad I get tongue tied sometimes and I really struggle to keep on top of things. I have a pretty good memory so I can remember key bits of information but I can’t remember the base around it if that makes sense? I really need a detox day to get my schedule and plans in order! I will be documenting this on my blog. 

Find Myself: Haha where did I go? Now this sounds way more dramatic than I mean it. I am not about to join an ashram and trek mountains. I just mean to remember what I like and the hobbies and interests that are unique to me. I know the music I like and the TV I like, but I never make time to enjoy them and to indulge in things that define my personality!

Simplify: Since having a baby this has naturally happened anyway, but I want to simplify the things that ‘bring me joy’ so back when I was 18 I was like “if I got a nice car and loads of money I’d be really happy” while now I couldn’t care less about that kind of thing. I do however want to simplyfy the things that bring me instant joy so actually making it to baby sensory classes or going on a really beautiful walk are definitely up there and I want to do more of that. I think thats what Hygge actually is right?

Set Goals: I am shit for this and this is actually something that I find really effective. I need more goals for personal and proffesional achievements. I also need to work on the old “keeping a to do list” but that sits more in organisation.

*This is a collaborative post

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