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It takes a village…

January 28, 2010

Motherhood IS hardest for the Modern Mum. Fact. We are one of the first generations to attempt to balance working, housekeeping, motherhood, mental health whilst having the wonder that is social media to compare ourselves to every Tom, Dick & Harry. We are watching everyone elses plates spin and wondering how we even get our started, let alone not let them drop! There is no shame in outsourcing, infact, I applaud it. Here are some great ways you can add to your village:

A Cleaner: SO. I have a cleaner. I got one when Rich started working away because you knoooowww… Mama can’t do EVERYTHING! It’s £30 a week and worth its weight in gold. Obviously its not transformational on my workload as she just comes once a week (sadly!) so obviously I still have to do the day to day grind, but its just niiiice. Its nice to know that one day a week the house will be immaculate for at least twenty minutes and the mental load is taken off of wondering how the hell I am going to navigate two kids and put the hoover round.

Food Shop Delivery: Don’t even think about dragging yourself and your kids to a supermarket. Don’t even have it cross your goddam mind. Get it delivered. I know it costs money but its a small price to pay for your sanity!

A Gardener: Whether its patio designs, garden designs or just the general day to day maintenance. Having a gardener can help you out ten fold. First off they have a wealth of experience and know their Amaryllis from their Anemone. They’ll be able to care and nurture for your garden without you having to worry. If you have a quick Google of Garden Quotes I think you’ll be surprised by how reasonable it works out.

Outsourced Ironing: Paying someone to do my ironing was a massive time saver. I hate ironing. And it’s really not very expensive, considering the time it takes. – Becca Blogs it Out

Dog Walking: If I was working full time again, I’d also consider a dog walker. It’s dark morning and night and lunchtimes are so rushed when you have to fit in a walk too! It makes me feel SO guilty so to remove that and give her more socialisation would be the dream! – Devon Mama

Windows Cleaner: This was significantly cheaper than I thought it would be! I am pretty sure it’s £10 a month and it really does make a difference to the appearance of the house. Dirty windows cause a discord where you know something doesn’t look right or “its best” but you can’t ever quite put your finger on it. Then you get your windows cleaned and you suddenly realise! It’s like getting curtains, its just finishes things off. I know we all like to think we’d clean our windows regularly but would we? Really?

*This is a collaborative post

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