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Introduction To Marriage And Relationship Counselling

August 23, 2014

Counselling is a type of therapy that allows you to talk about your problems and feelings in a safe and comfortable environment. Counselling and psychotherapy has an enormous impact on those that suffer from behavioural and mental health issues, such as coping with relationship problems or separation, so finding the right counsellor can empower you to get your life back after a marriage breakdown and is the biggest step you will take in helping you to overcome this stressful life event.

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If I’m doing the talking, why does the counsellor make such a difference?

Finding the right counsellor is an important step in reaching personal fulfillment and choosing the correct professional benefits you and your individual needs. Your counsellor will delve into your life and work with you to uncover your feelings and how to understand them, they can suggest ways in which you can achieve personal growth from your marriage breakdown, giving you the empowerment you need to move forward. A lot of people combine this with psychic phone readings so that they have a true sense of direction and can feel like they have a better hold on their life.

You’re not alone

Every person has the right to a fulfilling, loving and happy relationship but unfortunately not all marriages and relationships survive and you might feel a sense of loss as well as a mixture of many other emotions, from sadness to anger. You might not be able to fully move on from the marriage breakdown and could be struggling to find yourself and your sense of meaning and self-worth. Each situation is different and every one is unique, so therapy is tailored around you and your own personal needs. Your therapist or counsellor will offer the support you need to get your life back together and back on the right path so that you can live a fulfilled, happy and contented life.  

A counsellor can help you understand why

Seeing a counsellor  can help you gain a better understanding of why things didn’t work out and allow you to unpick the problems in an informed and structured way. The sessions will enable you to make sense of what is happening, and can help you take control and make relevant changes for future relationships, and can finally offer closure on a difficult time in your life.

Whatever the reason you’re searching for a counsellor, they will fully support you and offer advice, helping you to deal with each problem and encouraging you to talk openly about how you feel. Your counsellor will respect and your need for confidence, understanding and the time it takes for you to begin to feel better, offering you help and guidance for as long as you need it.

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