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Instant Positivity Hacks For When Life Kicks Your Butt

March 22, 2014

We all do our best to stay positive. We try as hard as we can to be confident, to smile, to be the person we want to be and the change that we’d like to see in the world. We all try as hard as we can to embody the values that we hold dearest. However, there are days where the world seems to be actively conspiring against us, aiming to rob us of our confidence, our values and that little bit of personal sparkle that makes us who we are.

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When these days roll around we can often feel like our only recourse is to retreat. To climb into bed, marathon episodes of Friends on Netflix and become intimately familiar with our friends Ben and Jerry. However, while there’s certainly no shame in taking a slob day every now and then (we’ve all done it), sometimes a sedentary day can do more harm than good for our mental health. Instead, get up and take the day by the horns. Beat bad days into submission with these instant positivity hacks…

Smile, smile, smile!

We all know that a smile can help to make the world a better place… So don’t be shy with yours. Give smiles away like you’re giving out free sweets. Give one to everyone. You’ll be amazed how many people return it. And it’ll also make you feel good inside. When we smile, our brain releases endorphins (the mind’s feel-good chemicals) affecting change from the outside in!

Self-conscious about your smile? No problem. Try Instasmile when you’re feeling self conscious about your gnashers. These clip-on veneers will give you a full-blown Hollywood smile in seconds.

Clean up your act

It’s hard to stay positive in untidy and cluttered surroundings. When you’re down on your day off, unwashed dishes, dusty coffee tables and a floor littered with clothes and kids toys and various other forms of clutter can all exacerbate your feelings of negativity.

Sometimes, one of the most positive and therapeutic things we can do is declare war on dirt, dust and clutter and get the home spotless. You’d be astonished by how much brighter it can make your outlook.

Get moving. Any how. Anywhere

As we discussed before, a sedentary life is rarely conducive to a positive mindset. When we languish on the couch in front of the TV, we may think that we’re being kind to ourselves, but we’re not helping ourselves to boost our positive feelings.

Try getting up and moving. Exercise of any kind triggers the release of endorphins in the brain. If you can get to the gym, great but if not a brisk walk with the dog can work just as well. Even if it’s just walking around the home or dancing around to your favourite tunes, movement of any sort can work wonders for your positivity!

Finally… Make a gratitude list

It’s easy to lose sight of all the great things in our lives and focus relentlessly on the things that aren’t going our way. When life gets you down, make a list of things (and people) you’re grateful for. You’d be surprised just how effective it can be!

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