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I’m 29 weeks Pregnant & Here is How I’m Coping! (29 Week Pregnancy Update)

August 26, 2016

Excuse the mess in the corner, I am currently getting rid of my pre pregnancy clothes!!

This week has definitely been one of my tougher weeks being pregnant, the evenings are really hard work as I am desperate to relax and settle but cannot get comfortable. I am either overheating or baby gets himself comfortable in a position that restricts my movement.

I had two maternity appointments this week, one was my 28 week midwife appointment (a week late) where I had my bump measured for the first time. I was nervous about this as I feel massive, but baby boy is measuring exactly where he needs to be. I also had to do a Glucose Tolerance Test (GGT) due to having Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. I will possibly do a separate post on this one in case people are wondering what to expect.
How far along: 29 Weeks
Symptoms: Major heartburn this week, have been relieving it with ice poles and Gaviscon when necessary. My ankles have started to swell too which is horrendous! If you have any tips on relieving any of this please let me know.
Food Cravings: Ice poles/lollies and I’ve also got a taste for tomato ketchup too which I have never really liked.
Movement: Still a little wriggler, however it seems to be less harsh jabs now and more limbs wriggling around, also lots of getting caught in my rib cage. He worried me last night as his movements slowed down but he quickly made up for it this morning by waking me up for a little wriggle.
Gender: Boy!
Sleep: Still generally disturbed, I don’t think I have had an undisturbed night my whole pregnancy. All good practice for motherhood! However, I did have one good night sleep… see below.
Stretch Marks: Still none, but my belly has definitely popped this week! I think that stretch marks can come when your belly pings back so I am waiting for that to cause them.
Miss Anything: The ability to get comfortable easily!
Best Moment: Getting my first really good night sleep was a real highlight. I still woke up feeling like I had been hit by a bus, however it was nice to sleep pretty much all the way through and feel so comfortable.
Worst Moment: Monday night was horrendous, my back was in a lot of pain and I just could not sit comfortably without getting heartburn. I was in a really frustrated state all evening.

Looking forward to: Meeting baby, I am starting to get really excited now. Most of my pregnancy when people asked if I was excited I normally just agreed but actually had a million other things on my mind like “get baby this” “sort baby that” but now these things are done and we are getting closer I am really excited to meet my little man! 

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