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How to Throw the Perfect Children’s Party

April 16, 2014

Whether you love it or hate it, party planning is an essential part of life – especially when you’ve got little ones. Organisation and prior preparation is key to ensuring guests (both small and big) have a great time. When it comes to planning, it can be a stressful time. That’s why we’ve put together some easy to follow tips on how to throw the perfect children’s party, and make sure it goes off without a hitch.

Create a theme

Discussing what the theme is going to be is a good place to start. It’s important to get off to a good start, and spending quality time thinking of and talking about theme ideas is good fun for you both. If you’re struggling to come to a decision, put all of the choices in a hat and choose at random. As long as it’s something enjoyable for your child and their friends, then it should be fairly easy to accomplish.

Prepare an invite list

The process for this will vary from child to child. Some children have a defined group of friends who will be invited, and they’re happy with just having them. If you’re looking at inviting more people, it may be necessary to write down everyone who your little one would like to invite. Then, you can assess the numbers and cut down on them slightly if necessary.

Make or write invites

This depends on a couple of things. Firstly, if you’ve got the craft skills to make some invites then you should definitely go for it! Again, this is a great way to spend quality time together, and the invites will be more appreciated by guests and their families. If you aren’t making them yourself, that’s no problem. You can often find great party invites to go with most themes, and as long as they’re hand-written they will work just as well.

Create a schedule

Earlier in this post we highlighted how important planning and prior preparation is to throwing a kid’s birthday party. To make sure you’re fully prepared, create a plan for the day and set it out in an easy to follow schedule. This way, you know exactly what needs to happen, when and where. Plus, it helps to distribute this schedule to other parents, so they can dress their children and make their own plans accordingly.

Organise the entertainment

This will likely be decided on which theme has been decided upon for the party. Entertainment can come from different sources; you could hire somebody in to perform (think princess appearances or an ever-reliable magician), or you can make your own fun and games as the entertainment. If you are hiring outside help, be sure to book well in advance to prevent any disappointment!

Prepare the house a week or so early

Cleaning a week before a party might sound a little extreme, but we’ve put this in for a good reason. There’s so much to think about when you’re planning a party, the last thing you want is to be last-minute. When it comes to cleaning, if you do the brunt of the work a week before, then you should only need a quick once over before guests arrive. Depending on how busy your home is, you might want to shorten this to a couple of days before. Make sure your carpets are hoovered, surfaces are clean and windows pristine.

Think about safety

This should coincide with preparing your house as above. With the likelihood of lots of little ones running around at some point, any potential hazards need to be dealt with beforehand. Make sure anything harmful is out of reach, which included items hidden in accessible cupboards. If you’ve got rugs on wood flooring in your home, buy some non-slip pads to prevent any dangerous slips. You need to be extra careful when it comes to other people’s children, so taking extra precaution is always advised.

Send thank-you cards

The fun is over, you’ve all (hopefully) had a blast. Your work is almost done – there’s just one little thing left to do. Sit with your little one a couple of days after their party, and write out thank-you notes for everyone who attended. They can be in the same style as the invitations, which is great if you’ve got some left over. As long as they’re hand-written, your child will learn about the importance of saying ‘thank you’, and their friends will have a lovely memento to remember the party.

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