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How to Shift up the Good Vibes in your Home.

August 5, 2019

Marie Kondo like a Mofo: Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you should know all about Marie Kondo and the Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. I got onto her with the first round of hype, before Netflix made her big again. Anyway, you can read the book or watch the Netflix series but I’ll summarise for ya. If an item doesn’t “spark joy” it shouldn’t be in your home (unless it’s useful – cause you know, spatulas don’t spark much joy) I have always understood the basic principals of this but never ‘went hard’ with it until recently. You know when you have an item of clothing that you see it and just LOVE. Love wearing it, love how it makes you feel etc. Basically, if an item of clothing or belonging didn’t conjure up that feeling for me. It went. Try and be pretty cut throat with this and donate stuff. I started selling bits but then they sat around for ages and also I started to put value to items and it made me less inclined to throw them out as it then made me feel a little angsty. If an item doesn’t make you happy. Throw it out. Trust me, you’ll feel SO MUCH LIGHTER.

Cull back the toys: I don’t know about you, but toys are the biggest driver of chaos in our home. Toy storage solutions can be difficult and no one really has the space for the number of toys we have. Throwing away toys is HARD. You cast emotional attachments because they technically aren’t ours to throw away and sometimes conjure up good memories or hope that our children will play with them. Having too many toys though is also overwhelming for our children. If you’re planning on having additional children or aren’t sure if a toy will be missed then just remove it from your play area if it’s no longer being used. Loan it to a friend or store it in your loft or under beds. If an items broken or missing p

Clean up your make up: Makeup is a hard one to throw out – I get it – we are Mums that have stopped investing in ourselves and we like to hold onto the things from when we did invest in ourselves. However, now is the time to let go. If you’re not using it and it’s taking up space then throw it away (or donate it if it’s still in a decent condition) Anything you are keeping, sit down and give it a really good clean so it feels like a treat when you do take the time to do your make up.

Feng Shui your Bedrooms: Give stagnate or negative energy the boot and feng shui your bedrooms. Look into how to Feng Shuiand rearrange the bedrooms in your house to support the flow of positive energy. I recently rearranged my bedroom and I felt so invigorated and refreshed! You could, of course, try to Feng Shui your whole house, but as a busy mama I thought just doing the bedrooms was a good place to start.

Clean up your act – (with non-toxic products): Give everything a deep clean and do it with non-toxic cleaning products. I know people love the efficient germ-killing power of chemicals, but there are plant-based cleaning products out there that are just as effective but don’t contain toxic and potentially harmful chemicals.

Be Salty: I LOVE Himalayan Salt Lamps, they are so calming. They let off a gorgeous warm light that makes your home feel like a bougie spa. We have 4. We recently got one for Rory’s room as a nightlight and it makes his bedroom so cosy for nighttime routine. There are so many health benefits to Himalayan Salt Lamps but my favourite is that they purify the air and help to promote calm and healthy sleep! You can read more about them here. I bought this set on Amazon as it worked out to be really affordable.

Purify yo’ Air: As well as a Himilayan Salt Lamp, I really love house plants to freshen up the air inside our house. Plus they look amazing. Now – I kmow what you’re thinking… house plants are too much too look after, but if you do a tiny bit of research there are actually some house plants that thrive on neglect!! My Pinterest board is a great resource into which house plants are low maintenance and which ones cleanse the air well!

Smudge it: Saging the house is a great way to remove negative energy and rid the air in your home of bacteria. Using a smudge stick, like sage, purifies the air, can increase your mental focus and energy and increase your overall sense of wellbeing. My mom used to always sage our house growing up, but if you’ve never heard about it before you can read this great article on how to sage your home.

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