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How to Maintain Your Home

December 1, 2014

If you are a first time homeowner, or you’ve owned your home for years, there are always things you can do to help maintain it and keep it up to a high standard. It is so easy to get carried away with other things like work or daily life, and often the home is the thing that gets left behind. Maintaining your home, and doing these little jobs or checks, will make sure your home is the best it can be. This will make it a better place to live in in your everyday life, and will save you money in the long run, as things won’t fall into disrepair. Leaving things to rust or rot, or simply letting things get out of hand, can cause you a lot of trouble in the long run. Here are some tips and advice to make sure that your house doesn’t cause you more trouble than it’s worth.

Deep Cleaning

After Christmas or during spring, is when most people decide to give their house a deep clean. Doing it at other times of the year has it’s benefits too though, and deep cleaning more often means less cleaning when you do decide to. Deep cleaning the carpets, bringing out all the furniture to hoover behind, is always a good thing to do when deep cleaning. Getting all the cobwebs and dust on the corners of the room that often go unnoticed. This is also a good time to clear out the garage, or the attic, and get rid of unwanted things, to make more space. It is so easy for clutter to build up, the kids old  toys, and old furniture, so make sure you get rid of this when deep cleaning too.


Leaving things broken, or thinking you can fix it yourself, often causes more problems in the long run. It can be an inconvenience in everyday life if the back gate doesn’t work properly, or the kitchen cupboards are always getting stuck. Getting these little problems fixed means more peace of mind for you too. If you have more extensive problems with the house, researching trusted experts is usually worth your time. If you have a broken window, for example, knowing the various benefits of different glass repair companies, is often worth knowing before you hire someone. Recommendations through word of mouth are often the best kind too, so ask around to see which local companies will get you the best deal.

Checking Smoke Detectors

Regularly checking your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors is something most people don’t do as much as they could. Testing them, pressing the button, to see if they are functioning properly, could literally save your life. Replacing the batteries is a small cost, and something worth investing in. You should test the at least every six months, to make sure they work properly.

Tightening Door Handles and Hinges

Everyone has a loose door handle in their home, or kitchen cupboard that won’t close properly. Tightening these up, or even greasing them up if they need it, is something handy to do to maintain your home. Doing this will give you a little bit more peace of mind, and something to tick of your to do list, that always seems to be on there. This also makes your house a little safer, and means that doors or handles won’t come flying off at any time, which is always useful!

Checking Exterior Drainage

When the weather gets colder and you expect to get more rain, it is worth checking that your house drainage system works. If your area is prone to flooding, this is something you really need to keep an eye on. Puddles around your house shouldn’t be there for more than a day, and if they do you make need to seek professional help if there isn’t a simple solution. Even if your area isn’t prone to flooding, with bad drainage your house could easily be flooded. Cleaning out gutters and drainpipes are often the cause of many problems, especially in autumn when leaves and debris get blown into them.


Keeping on top of weeds and overgrown plants makes maintaining your home a lot easier come summer. Even if you don’t use your garden for growing vegetable or many plants, neat and tidy gardens always make the first impression of a house a good one. Doing the weeding in plant beds and patios, and turning over the soil to make your garden look fresh, is a great place to start. If you are a gardener, getting the soil ready for planting your veg in the spring is a great thing to do when the weather gets warmer. If you’re not into gardening, making sure your plants and shrubs are trimmed back, and taking off the dead stalks and leaves, might be all you need to maintain to your garden. Having a tidy garden makes your house look presentable, and will have you well on the way to you feeling house proud.

Gardening doesn’t have to be a chore, and can be a lot more fun than you think. Once your garden is maintained, you can grow all manner of plants, vegetable or herbs.

Deal With Pest Problems

When the weather’s getting warmer and you are working outdoors, make sure you keep an eye on any insects, rodents, or other pests you might have in the garden. Spotting these problems as early on in the summer as possible, is always beneficial. For slugs and and small insects, there are usually chemicals you can buy locally that should deal with the problem. If you want a more organic solution, you could try buying certain plants that are said to help repel unwanted pests, although this might not be a fast solution for the short term. If you suspect that there are any dangerous animals or insects in your garden or house, contact a professional immediately, and don’t deal with it on your own. If you cannot identify the pest it often best to call in a professional, just in case it is dangerous.

Getting Ready For Winter

Making sure your heating is ready for winter, is something you want to do before the weather gets cold. There is nothing worse than having a cold spell and heating that is inefficient or doesn’t work properly. If you have a fireplace make sure it is clean and in working order, getting the chimney cleaned too will stop as much dirt coming back into your home. Stocking up on wood too is always useful, before the weather gets cold. Making sure the heating system in your house is working, and it reaches every room. You will probably need to bleed radiators so they are working efficiently when the heating is on. Moving furniture away from the radiators also helps heat to circulate throughout the room. You could even think about investing in insulation to make your house, even more, energy efficient. This would mean that your house would keep the heat it produces for longer. This ultimately saves you money in the long run, the only downside is investing some money in the first place. For the most part though, insulating your house saves you money in the long run, and means winter is going to be a lot warmer when you spend it in your home.

Checking For Cracks in Concrete

This is another thing to do in tie for winter, and before the weather gets really cold. Checking for cracks in the concrete around your house, and your driveway too, can save you a lot of trouble. When the weather gets colder, the water in these cracks expands and can end up destroying your driveway even more. Getting them filled in, in time for the cold weather is a great way to maintain your home. Not to mention your home will end up looking a lot more out together as well.

Maintaining your home throughout the year can seem like a chore, but it is the only way to make sure your home is up and running to a good standard. Cleaning, and making sure everything is in order, is the best possible way to do this. These little checks can save you a lot of worry, and can save you spending more money down the line. Checking drainage for example, can save your house from flooding, which would be a far worse problem. Doing these things often can also mean your house is an easier place to live, and make it a pleasure to live in. Maintaining your home, means your house will look good and be functional too, and everyone loves being proud of where they live. These checks often don’t cost much too, so there really is no excuse! Maintaining your home is far easier than you think, and when you see the results, it will be well worth your time.



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