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How To Keep Your Home Organised While Having A Baby

April 6, 2014

Motherhood is a wonderful thing, and if it’s your first time, it’s important that you enjoy every single experience so you can treasure them as the years go by. Being a Mother is a fulltime job within itself – you have a life in your hands that you need to look after and figure out what they need when they cry, as they’re not able to tell you! It’s tough, and that’s okay to admit – you’re only human. And yet, it’s something you’d never trade for the world because you’ve created a life that’s part of you, and that is such a magical gift.

Having said that, because your own life is a such a busy one now, the idea of trying to maintain the prettiness of your home while taking care of your baby seems impossible. While us women are known for our multitasking skills, that doesn’t mean we’re superwoman either. But something that you all need to know, is that finding the balance is key. Let’s put it this way – a messy home, means a messy mind, and that’s the last thing you need.

So here’s how to manage both Mother duties and home duties, without losing your mind.

Call a pro

If something has broken and you need it fixed, while you may like to think you can sort it out for yourself, it will take a lot of time that you may not have, plus if you do make a mistake, it might make you end up having to pay an awful lot more than you would’ve had to in the beginning. It’s as simple as having the numbers of your local help close by. If you have a problem with your pipes, call Plumbing Force. If your lock on the door is playing up, call a locksmith. If your wooden structure is no longer straight, call a carpenter. It’s okay to ask for help, you shouldn’t be expected to know everything – no one does. That’s why we have people to call.

Clean as you go

If you find that your home is looking rather messy, then rather than allowing yourself to get overwhelmed, calm yourself down, and take your time with the jobs that you are required to do. You’re first priority is your little one, but doing things bit by bit can be a huge help. If your baby is feeling clingy and just wants to be held and bounced around, you can do this while picking up any clutter that has been left out. When you’re sitting on the floor with them watching them crawl around, clean the carpet as you go. If it’s time for them to have a bath, scrub around the tub while they’re in it (of course never taking your eyes off them). But when they’re asleep, take a break and let yourself drift off for a while – you deserve it, Momma.

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