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How to keep your dating life alive during lockdown!

May 17, 2020

Covid-19 has been responsible for halting so many aspects of our everyday life. From working, to shopping, to socialising but what many aren’t considering is the havoc its wreaking across the dating scene.

So many individuals felt like they were finally in their stride with knowing the best times and places to find the best people and then suddenly… boom… everywhere closed!

As a nation we have learnt to take classrooms, yoga lessons, quiz nights, hen do’s and even actual weddings on to the magical world wide web so now we are about to adapt the dating scene and share with you thes best ways to keep your romantic life alive… virtually!

Try Virtual Speed Dating:

I literally cannot believe how creative the world is getting with Zoom calls. I thought I’d seen it all until I came across Isolation Rotation – which is essentially speed dating in lockdown! Using the power of Zoom, the session started with a group conference call and then pairs would be sent into five minute ‘break-out’ rooms. It’s a simple, but effective concept. If speed dating in the flesh gives you the fear this could be a great way to build up your confidence!

Have a virtual date:

If you have met someone via an online dating site like the Hertfordshire Dating Site and you feel you want more than message exchanges – why not ask them to meet you for a virtual date? Utilise apps like Zoom & Facetime. Make a real effort by getting dressed up, cooking the same meal and sitting down with candle light to eat it and chat like you would on a normal date.

Utilise the extra time to get to know people:

Okay so right now people. We are time rich. We have time to BURN. So why not utilise this time to really get to know and chat to new people. Really invest in rich conversations with people from different backgrounds and with different interests. You may learn something and will have a lot of fun in the process. Getting to know lots of different people will also keep your mind occupied and ease any feelings of loneliness during lockdown.

Write Letters:

Anyone else accusing Amazon Prime in order to add a little fun to your day? I like the buzz of having a fun letter or parcel. You know, the types where people aren’t asking for money in exchange for essential bills! A member of had a great idea! Why not give good old fashioned letter writing a go? It doesn’t have to be endless pages of romantic spiel, but it’s a fun alternative to sending a text. Plus, a great way to get your daily exercise in – quick walk to the postbox anyone?

If all else fails, you can always recreate the viral TikTok love story and bubble date!

SO… how are you feeling about that? Please remember that right now, life isn’t over. Its just different and we need to learn to adapt. Its important to act as normal as possible and prioritise social interactions as much as possible for our mental wellbeing!

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