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How to get yourself out of a life rut…

August 15, 2016

At the start of my pregnancy I really didn’t feel like myself, I’m not sure if it was the hormones (probably!), or the ticking time bomb about to turn my life upside down, but I just felt really stale. Obviously when your life is about to drastically change and you have no idea who you are going to be or what you are going to be in a few months’ time it’s a pretty strange waiting game.

One day things really came to ahead at home and Rich and I ended up having a row, nothing major, the type where some space will work wonders, so I decided to skulk off to TK Maxx knowing full well when I got back we’d be fine. Now, I’m not sure what possessed TK Maxx… it’s probably my happy place!

When you’re in a life rut and feeling stale, I don’t think you realise it, you just think you’re a bit grumpy but when driving to TK Maxx it felt like a light bulb moment.  I suddenly realised what was bothering me and thought… oh right, I can actually take some control and change this.

Here are things that I tried that I feel work generally when I am feeling a bit crap:

Take some time to assess what is bothering you: Be really honest with yourself too! Is it that you don’t like your job? Is it that you are not getting on with your partner? Do you not feel like yourself? Take out a notepad and write it down if you have too.

Make baby steps: Whenever something is upsetting someone i.e. they don’t like their job, they seem to think they need to make drastic changes! They seem to think they need to quit their job, pack a bag and go and find themselves. No. Let’s take little baby steps. Pin point it to even more detail, what don’t you like about your job? Is someone upsetting you? Do you need new challenges? And then address them! If you need new challenges speak to your boss about how to get them or think of ways to take on new responsibilities. If you have decided the career path isn’t for you then don’t just quit… try and look for new ways to re-train in something else on the side.

Gather inspiration: Everyone has triggers that make them feel more creative, powerful, happier etc whether that be setting up a mood board, playing your favourite CD or reading articles that always make you want to grab life by the balls and go. Gather as much of that as humanly possible and surround yourself in it!

Take time out: Take some time to yourself to actually switch off and do some healthy things. If you are feeling a little frumpy then now is the time to block out an evening to give yourself a manicure. Feeling like you are not being creative? Take up a new hobby!

Open the line of communication: DO NOT DEAL WITH IT BY YOURSELF! It’s absolutely guaranteed that everyone else has gone through a time of not feeling themselves or that they are just plodding along. Talk to people. I spoke to Rich and he was like “same!” so we identified that we also hadn’t been investing in our relationship enough and just came home to a crap routine, so we started to do more together like take the dogs for a walk together instead of one on us doing it and the other doing tea etc. This meant we both got to releasing some endorphins and having a place to communicate about our days.

Upgrade yourself: Read something or watch a documentary. Something that is going to teach you about things or give you a new take on life. The type of thing that is going to make you talk about it for days after.

Make some changes: Change is good. My key thing that makes me feel way better when I am in a rut is clearing out my wardrobe. I don’t know why but for me there is something really exciting about having a good cleanse of stuff (and even more exciting if you are going to make some money on eBay) but do something like that. My other exciting tasks I like to do are clean out kitchen cupboards, move furniture around (I know I am totally rock and roll)

What are you best tips for getting yourself out of a funk? 

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