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How to Create Space In Your Home for Your Blogging Business

February 18, 2019

If you are a stay at home mom and would like to become more productive, having the right environment to work in is essential. You might enjoy running your own blog from home, but you will also need the space to grow and focus on your writing, content creation, and digital marketing. It is essential that you create a place that is safe from kids and allows you to work in the environment you enjoy. Below you will find a few tips on how to turn an unused space into a home office.

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Your Conservatory

The obvious choice for a light and bright space with loads of greenery would be your garden, but the weather might not treat you equally throughout the year. That is why you might want to think about turning your conservatory into a home office. You will have to take care of the insulation and the shading, but the view and the space will be worth the effort. You can check out different solutions at Rundle and Dorey to ensure you have the right temperature inside in every season.  

Garden Room

You might also want to stay away from the kids when you are catching up on work, and close the door behind you. Having a garden office has loads of benefits. First of all, you can close the door behind you. Second, you will be able to enjoy the views. Finally, you will stay away from the reminders of the chores waiting for you and skip adulting for a while, so you can focus all your attention to your work. Many work-at-home moms get distracted when they are reminded that the washing machine or the dishwasher needs emptying and struggle with productivity.


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You can also turn a spare room into an office, if you are lucky enough to have one. There are several great designs that allow you to make the most out of a small box room or a walk-in wardrobe, including lighting and folding seats, desks, and built in storage. You don’t need  a lot of space when you are running a one-person blog, but you need a space that is inspiring, practical, and allows you to make the most out of your productivity.

Attic Space

If you have the budget, you might also make the most out of your attic space and turn it into a stunning hideaway. You will have to take care of the insulation and make your roof space step-proof, but you can add natural light by getting some windows. You should create a safe space where you can feel supported and surrounded by things you love. Ensure that you have the means of controlling the temperature and the air quality in the room, and add smart lighting solutions to protect your eyesight.

Being a work-at-home mum and trying to run your blog and your business is likely to be a challenge. Find your own work space that encourages you to work smarter and helps you focus on the big picture.

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