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How to create a first-time nursery

June 1, 2014

If you’ve got a young baby on the way, congratulations! Pregnancy is an exciting time for everyone involved, but there’s a lot to think about. From making sure that your finances are in order so that they can cover an extra household member to ensuring that there’s somewhere for the little one to sleep in safety and comfort, the to-do list for parents-to-be is often long. This article will think about some top nursery creation tips and advise on how to construct a safe, top-class bedroom for your new baby.

Think about safety

Firstly, it’s important to ensure that your new baby has a safe nursery in which they don’t face any danger. It’s vital, for example, that you have a high-sided cot for your baby to sleep in. This cot should be made of sturdy and durable materials such as hard wood, and the sides should rise quite high to ensure that your baby can’t climb out of it even when they’ve grown a little bigger. Because your baby’s safety is paramount, an investment in a safe cot should be a number one priority: after all, décor and design can be done on the cheap, but security can’t! It’s also wise to opt for a cot mattress that is newly made rather than second hand, and you should also check to ensure that it has a fire safety label attached to it.

Encourage learning

No matter what age a child is, it’s never too early to start helping them learn. Even the youngest babies can benefit from looking at shapes on the ceiling, for example, so a ceiling wallpaper that showcases the planets of the solar system might be a good idea. For a slightly older child’s nursery, it’s wise to create a space in which to store books as this can engender in the child a lifelong love of reading. You don’t have to only use the educational materials in the nursery itself, of course, and they can be moved around the house when needed – but by storing them in the child’s room, you’ll be able to give them a sense of ownership and pride in their books.

Think about sunlight

When it comes to light, flexibility is the key. On some occasions, you might want your child’s nursery to be full of brightness – especially given that access to natural light has been proven to boost mood and wellbeing. However, if your child isn’t well and they need to sleep during the day, having easy-close wooden shutters over the windows means that you can darken the room quickly and easily to help your child get some shut-eye.

Designing a nursery is a key part of the pre-child preparation process, and it’s one that you will have a lot of fun carrying out – especially if you’ve got some help on hand. Once you’ve sorted out safety features such as a good-quality cot, you can think about extras such as window shutters, child-friendly wallpaper and books. Have fun!

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