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How to Avoid Breakages When Moving House

March 20, 2014

Moving house is always such a stressful period in your life. There are so many things to organize and packing up all of your belongings and moving them always takes longer than you think it’s going to. But if you rush it, you will arrive at your new home with boxes full of broken stuff. Breakages during a house move will make the whole process a lot more stressful than it needs to be, and you will waste a lot of money replacing things, so it’s important that you avoid it. These are the best ways to avoid breakages when you are moving house. 

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Avoid Over Packing 

The most common reason that things break is that people pack too much into each box. If you pack things on top of each other, things will get crushed during the move, especially if you put all of the heavy things on top. When things are packed too tightly, you won’t have enough room for adequate packing materials, like bubble wrap to protect your belongings. When you are packing, you need to think logically and put heavy items at the bottom, and then pack lighter things on top. Always make sure that you leave enough space for protective materials in between items and you should be fine.

Start Early 

People end up rushing their packing because they start too late. People always underestimate just how much stuff they have and they leave packing to the last minute. You will be far less likely to break things if you start early and take your time. Get started on the rooms that you use the least and pack room by room. If you don’t need things, they can be packed weeks or even months in advance. When the week of the move rolls around, you will only have a few essentials left to pack up. You will be far less stressed and you won’t be as likely to break things in transit. 

Don’t Move Everything At Once 

If you try to move everything over in one day, you are likely to rush and that is when things will get dropped and broken. You don’t need to move everything all at once, so it’s best to bring the essentials over and then get a self storage unit where you can keep some non-essential furniture. Then you can bring that stuff over later on when you have time to do it carefully. 

Label Boxes Carefully 

Labeling boxes properly is important when you move because it makes life a lot easier when you unpack. If you label boxes by room, it will cut unpacking time in half and make the whole move a lot less stressful. When you are labeling your boxes, you also need to make sure that you put clear labels on anything that has fragile items in it, so everybody knows to be careful. 

As long as you follow these simple packing and moving rules, you can avoid any breakages when you move house and take the stress out of the whole process.   

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