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How I’m Staying Safe with my New Years Resolutions

March 16, 2014

Exercise is something I vouched would be prioritised in 2018. I started aquanatal when pregnant with Elin and it was a gamechanger for my mental state. However, as a mum, I always find this one really tricky. Can I really justify the time and money on a gym membership? My evenings are pretty sacred and I wouldn’t want to miss out on that time by being at the gym. I couldn’t go to the gym in the day either as I don’t have a childcare for both kids consistently. In order to exercise, it means the babies are going to have to be involved. You’re supposed to increase your heart rate for at least 20 minutes a day which sounds simple enough but I found that quite challenging, here are some ways I found it easier to fit into a daily routine.

The last thing you want to do though as a parent is hurt or injure yourself  so it’s super important to make sure you are staying safe and taking precautions with exercise which is why I have teamed up with Slater & Gordon to talk about new years resolutions and making 2018 #MySafestYearYet

Playing football with Rory: we have a paved garden so this can sometimes be a little bit of a mission but it’s always worth it as Rory LOVES it (and gets tired out) I have to make sure he has his waterproof overall on as he falls a LOT and find a nice open area that is reasonably flat and free of dog poo.

Running with the pushchair: for this, you absolutely have to invest in the correct footwear. When I was 16 I once went running with normal trainers and my knee hasn’t been the same since. You need to make sure you have running trainers that can absorb the impact of the surface you’re running on.

Practising squats with Elin: I’ve taken this really slowly as I still have stitches from labour, but I knew I wanted to do squats when she came as I did them in Aquanatal and loved it. Kids have definitely ruined my bum. It’s like a deflated airbag. This is something that you definitely need to check yourself with, do your research and check your posture when you’re doing it. The last thing you want to be doing is hurting yourself.

Taking Rory swimming: I haven’t done this for a while as I got too pregnant and we had to stick to the shallow end but I used to pop Rory in one of these floats and swim lengths with him. If you haven’t tried this with your baby/toddler yet than you absolutely have too, they think its hilarious!

Dance with them: Kids love to dance. Toddlers especially. This is such a great, quick way to get your heart rate up and also keep your babies happy (as well as potentially tire them out too!)

Chase Rory: This kid could be chased for hours, he thinks its absolutely hilarious and it’s seriously good cardio. It also helps if you chase him with something like a car etc to keep their attention for a little longer.

Do the Housework: Rory loves doing housework at the moment so this is golden. Cardio + Entertained Toddler + Clean House = Winning.

How have you been doing with your new years resolutions? Are you making sure you’re safe while doing them?

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