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How I Clean the Kids Toys

August 30, 2014

So we all know about my not so secret passion for cleaning right? I’ve always enjoyed a clean and tidy home but my obsession with cleaning was amplified when I had children for two reasons.

  1. The sudden education around sterilising. From the second they are brought into the world, the message of sanitisation is made very clear and we learn quickly how to sterilise EVERY thing that comes within a five-mile radius of them.
  2. I was home a lot more so was becoming increasingly aware of how messy the house was!

Today I’ve teamed up with Brosch Direct to talk about all things germs, disinfecting and keeping any nasties away from our little ones with their amazing #GloveIsAllYouNeed campaign.

Cleaning vs Disinfecting

It’s important to know the difference between the two!

  • Cleaning physically removes germs by using soap (or perhaps detergent) and water to wash away surface dirt and grime.
  • Disinfecting kills most germs on objects like baby toys or stops germs from reproducing.

Remember that cleaning should always come before disinfection. Start by cleaning baby toys to remove any visible dirt and grime, then rinse with water and apply a disinfectant (see directions below).

Soft Toys

How often: twice a month! This one depends on how often your child uses their soft toys! If your child sleeps with they will need washing more often than if they were a decorative soft toy! I would say twice a month is perfect. They can be a bit of a breeding ground for dust so you want to keep them as clean as possible!

How? Pop them in the washing machine with your usual washing detergent!

Plastic Toys

How often: I read somewhere that you should do this weekly, but that feels a little excessive to me! I would say as and when they need them. Obviously, if you have a baby that likes to put toys in their mouth then they need to be cleaned more frequently than toys that are just general use!

How? For me, I love the antibacterial sprays that dry instantly as it makes things so easy! You just spray them and walk away! Another simple way to clean toys is by using the dishwasher on a quick cycle! If you want to wash them yourself, dish soap and water works well!

Bath Toys

How often: once a week! Bath toys are gross. They are just a breeding ground for mould. Ew.

How? To clean, wash them in hot soapy water first to get rid of dirt on the outside. Then put three cups of vinegar into a bucket of clean water, squeezing the rubber toys to make sure the vinegar water goes inside. Leave them overnight, then shake them well, empty and rinse in clean water.

Alternatively, you can put bath toys in the washing machine! Put them on a high wash with some vinegar and dish soap and they come out amazing! That’s how I like to do it anyway! I definitely recommend using a bath toy holder that allows the water to drain well so you don’t have to wash them too often. Keeping bath toys to a minimum will allow them to dry quicker too, reducing the mildew build up.

Board Books

How often: This one is a personal preference in my eyes! I’ve never cleaned my toddler’s board books BUT when Elin starts to use them (dribbly, teething babies!) I will probably clean them weekly!

How? Two words. Antibacterial Wipes. Yeah, baby!

*This is a collaborative post

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