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How I am Keeping Busy Waiting for my Due Date

October 30, 2016

I have now been on maternity leave for 3 weeks and have FINALLY cracked how to wait for your due date without going insane, basically, find routine and keep busy! Days where I am not sure what to do with myself are the ones where I normally feel a little emotional by 3pm. Now with 6 days until my due date (which I am sure will come and go before baby arrives) here is my list of how I have been keeping busy in the countdown for baby.

Create Nappy Stations

I pinched this from Rabbit, Bear & Hair’s list and decided to spring to action straight after reading it. I had two cute organisers one from Next and one from TKMaxx that I set up with a packet of Water Wipes and as many nappies that would fit in, one is in our lounge and one is in the bedroom, poop ready.

Make a Baby Cupboard

After my baby shower I got the stark realisation about how much crap babies come with, we were bought bottles, spoons, beakers, LOADS! I had previously just stashed this all in his wardrobe… however, at some point I had to accept that I would need a clear kitchen cupboard, so I sorted that out and gave the others a quick once over too.

Lining Up TV Shows for Feeding Time

Someone told me you spend a hell of a lot of time feeding babies, whether it’s breast or bottle and to line up some form of entertainment whilst you’re doing it. So far I have lined up Made in Chelsea and The Walking Dead.


I wanted to give the house a proper once over as it’s something I won’t get the chance to do for a while once the baby is here! It also makes it slightly easier to maintain once the baby is here. The problem here is my nesting urge kicked in at about 20-weeks… now I have no motivation!

Sort the Nursery

I still really need to do this, his cot is full of random stuff from his baby shower that I’m not sure what to do with. However, as he won’t be in his nursery for a while I have been quite lazy about it. I need to get on with it!

Set up the Machinery

I have set up the steraliser and the perfect prep machine all cleaned and ready for baby boys arrival. I am so glad we did this as it took about 20 minutes to do both and doing this when we brought him home wouldn’t of been practical at all.

Set up the Freezer

I have heard about a trillion times that we need to make sure our freezer is stocked up as you’ll have no time for cooking and this is something I am still set to do. If you have any hints or tips for this one then please let me know!

Prepare for Post-Partum

Something I have managed to not think about quite naively is how I will feel post baby, I have picked up maternity pads but am now watching a lot of YouTube videos to prepare for the emotional side also.

Finish Packing Hospital Bag

I started packing my hosiptal bag at around 32 weeks but because I didnt buy separate things for it, just used what I had I ended up taking things back out if it but now it is finally ready, zipped up and sealed for the big day!

Buy Last Minute Bits

Even when I thought I had everything, there are still a couple of last minute bits that I could do with, these are however “luxury” items such as the car seat adaptors for the pram and I would like another changing mat for downstairs, so technically they can wait… however, baby shopping is fun no matter what you’re getting!

Accept Help

This is top advice and something that I think everyone resists for a while, when I was first on maternity leave I was really struggling with the amount of house work there was (you create a lot of work and it takes longer when its just you) I also had a lot of baby washing, ironing and packing away. My mum kept offering to help me and it took me about 3 weeks before I finally accepted. The house was immaculate after she had been and we got it done top to bottom in about 2 hours. If people offer help, its because they want too… accept it.  

Spending time with my Mummy

With 6 days until another generation pops up, we are taking full advantage of making the most of these last few days before everything changes. It’s not much, but she’ll come and help me with the food shop or take me for a coffee, but honestly they are some of the best days I’ve had on maternity.


This is on my agenda at some point, with 6 days to go until my due date… I’m sure I will get a box set day in there at some point!


Any other suggestions are welcome, I am well aware this baby could go overdue so need more things too keep occupied!

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