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Home Updates: The Entryway

July 20, 2014

For a while now we have been talking about “moving eventually” and doing the house up to a basic standard in the hopes of one day finding a forever home. However, the more I pondered on the cost and stress of moving, the more I decided I really couldn’t be arsed with moving anytime soon. We’ve always said we would have to move as the house we currently live in doesn’t have space for us to expand the family anymore and there were certain aspects we didn’t love. So we decided to make the house work for us by creating more space, eliminate stuff and getting it up to a taste we adore. As the skirting board in the hallway decided to rot (don’t ask) that seemed like a pretty good place to start – so that is how this week so far has been spent… looking at interiors for my hallway while the painters make it look nice!

Door Numerals. Click Here to Buy. I really like this style of door numeral, and let’s all face it – it’s a bit easier than having to get the drill out and drill them into the wall. I think it’s something a little different.

Personalised Coat Hooks. Because… cuuuute! Click Here to Buy.
Shoe Organiser. Click Here to Buy. We currently have nowhere to organise our shoes and because our hallway isn’t super narrow, all other shoe storage methods get in the way of me trying to get out with the pushchair. This one is great as its really narrow and also looks really nice!
Farrow & Ball Ammonite Paint. Farrow & Ball is a way more expensive choice, but sometimes you just can’t beat the colours. I have tried to get these colour matched in Dulux before but they must have different pigments as they never quite feel as warm. I absolutely love this colour. Click Here to Buy
Skirting Board. Who knew there was so much that went into buying Skirting Board? There are so many different sizes, widths, profiles – so much choice! I’ve never thought about ordering online but I found that Skirtings R Us made it really simple. I really like this ‘bullnose’ style skirting for something a bit more modern and different. I also love that it comes painted as I HATE painting skirting board! Click Here to Buy.
Picture Ledge. If you have a radiator in your hallway, these are a great solution to sit above it to offer storage for your post and keys. Click Here to Buy.
Photo Frames. I have these in black in the dining room and love the way they look. I think its really nice to have photos of the family as you enter someone’s house to make it feel more homely and cosy. Click Here to Buy.

*This is a collaborative post & contains affiliate links.

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