Home: Transitioning for Summer to Autumn.

December 1, 2014

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Sort out your storage. Over the Summer we have accumulated so much stuff! We now have a garden set, outdoor toddler swing, a paddling pool and garden tools. Our home is pretty much maxed out on storage so we need to invest in something for outdoors! So far, I have looked at Lidget Compton’s range of concrete sheds for a low maintenance solution similar to the image below:
Lidget Compton have a full range of options available for every budget – I’d like our garage to be a multi-purpose space for storage and a utility room to house some of our bulkier kitchen electricals. This would free-up so much space in our kitchen and put an end to the washing machine making a racket in the house!
Autumn is a great opportunity to have a good clear out by getting rid of old tools that you’ve replaced or toys that are too young for your children – have a good clear out and see what you can do with the extra room.

Don’t forget your outside tap. I think this is something that you don’t hear about or think about until you’re in the unfortunate position where your taps burst which is such a horrible task! Covering your outside tap is a really affordable and easy method to help avoid this. You can pick up an outside tap cover from most good DIY retailers.

Clean the Gutters. Blocked gutters can lead to rain water getting too close to your brickwork which can cause damp which as we know isn’t something you want to be faced with in the winter months!

Check for Drafts. There is nothing worse than feeling the cold one a windy night because your doors or windows are letting in a draft, give them a quick check before it gets too chilly. Most draft exclusion methods are reasonably simple and affordable but it’s much easier to maintain your inside heat than having to keep fighting a draft.

Consider checking your home insurance. Winter brings a whole host of new potential accidents such as burst pipes and slipped roof tiles etc so it’s always worth making sure you’re covered!
Check for energy supply deals. In the Autumn, lots of energy suppliers will run deals so it’s always worth making sure you are getting the right bang for your buck with your supplier!

What are you Autumn Home Tips?
*This post is in collaboration with Lidget Compton. 


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