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Home Improvements That Keep Your Family Safe

December 7, 2014

Home improvements are a great way of adding value to your property and making it a much nicer place to live. Having a good overhaul every now and again is great, but one area that people often neglect is home safety. It’s fine to focus on the cosmetic aspects but every now and again you should consider revamping the safety features in your home to keep your family safe. These are the simplest ways that you can secure your home.

Light It Up

When people are trying to get into your home, they obviously don’t want to be spotted. That’s why a few well placed lights are an incredibly simple way to make your house safer. Outdoor lights with motion detectors will light up the garden as soon as somebody gets close and they’ll run off straightaway. Place them near any possible points of entry, just having them there will be a huge deterrent.

Cover All Points Of Entry

You need to get into the mind of a thief if you want to protect your home. Think about all of the possible routes into the home, don’t just protect the doors and windows. One of the most common ways that people try to get into the home is through the garage. The doors from the inside of the garage into the house are usually not very secure so if they can get in, it’s a dream ticket for burglars. Get garage door repairs done to make sure that it’s completely secure. It’s also important to remember the upstairs windows. You shouldn’t underestimate the perseverance of burglars; if they can get onto the roof and through a top floor window, they will.


The biggest deterrent for burglars is a CCTV camera. They’re not going to break into a house if they think that they’ll be filmed doing it. They’re pretty expensive to put in but you don’t actually need a functioning one to see the benefit. You can get false cameras that look just like the real thing and they’ll work just fine. There’s no way of the burglar telling if it’s a fake camera or not so they aren’t likely to take the risk.


Cameras are one great deterrent, a burglar alarm is another. A house without a burglar alarm is three times more likely to get broken into than one installed for obvious reasons. You can get one for about $100 so there’s no reason not to invest in one. Most of them come with a feature that rings your mobile as soon as they’re set off which means you can get in touch with the police right away and increase their chances of catching the people that robbed you and getting your stuff back.

Reinforced Doors

Most burglaries involve forced entry so making that more difficult for burglars is one of the easiest ways to protect your home. It’ll cost you less than £10 to replace some of your locks with strengthened ones and make it a lot harder for people to get in.

These simple home improvements can instantly improve the safety of your home to protect you and your family.    

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