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Herodrive Review

December 3, 2014

I am such a Marvel fan girl! I have been for years so I was super excited when we were asked to review the new Herodrive Collection which includes the Herodrive Bat Racer, the Signal Squad Car and the Mash Machines!

First up, I’m impressed. These toys are sturdy. It’s a given in our household, especially with cars, that they’re going to get bashed about! Rory has crashed, banged and wholloped these cars together and they have stood up to the test of time!

MY personal favourite thing about the range is how easy it was to get all of the toys out of the packaging. Theres no need for scissors or any tricky tapes on this one.

Herodrive Bat Racer – £24.99

Firstly, this is a much better size than I was expecting. Its nice, big and chunky! A great size for toddler hands and also sturdy enough to withstand rough play as well as being dropped (#ToddlerProblems) Push the windshield forward and the wings pop out. Pushing the logo on the hood for unique Batman sounds, and push it again and the Bat Mobile races into action. This is a battery operated car and better still it comes with batteries (thank the lord!)

Herodrive Signal Squad Car – £12.99

This car is amazing value. Its a good midsize and has a light that projects on the wall so is a hit with the toddler who likes to see the light on different surfaces.

Herodrive Mash Machines – £7.99

These cars are excellent value for money. Although they’re a smaller size, they’re still a really good chunky size for toddlers to easily hold. The Mash Machines make a lot of noise and have flashing lights so these were an extra big hit with baby Elin who thought they were hilarious!

The full range is now available on Amazon but also in Hamleys and from February will be in store in ASDA.

*These items were sent to us in exchange for an honest review

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