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Great Days Out for Tired Mums

December 1, 2014

Being a mother is great, but it’s also hard. Really hard, not to mention tiring, so it stands to reason that every mum deserves a day or two off now and again.

If you’re a busy mum and you’re starting to feel frazzled, it might be time to treat yourself to a relaxing day trip, and here are some of the best things to do and places to visit if you want to make the most of it…

A Spa

Spa breaks tend to be the go-to for tired mums who are looking to treat themselves to a little me-time, but that’s because they really do work. After just a few short hours of being pampered at The Luton Hoo in Hertfordshire or The bath Priory in Bath – two of the best spas in the country – being pampered and preened, you feel completely rejuvenated; like a whole new woman who’s ready to take on the world. Trust me; you can’t beat a food spa break!

Afternoon Tea

Gather up the girls – the other frazzled mums who are just crying out for a little break, and travel to Weston Park in Shropshire (check available dates), where you will taste one of the finest afternoon teas you’ve ever tasted in your life. There’s nothing quite like sipping your tea slowly from a china cup (as opposed to slurping it down before the kids wake up) and enjoying dainty sandwiches and cakes and being able to really truly savour them.Well, actually there is – doing it in 1000 acres of beautiful park from the vantage point of a quaint Victorian Orangery before heading for a long walk. It’ll make a change from the usual trip to the play park full of rambunctious toddlers throwing tantrums and insisting that you go down the slide!

Go Ape

If you’re more of an active, adventurous mum, but you seldom have the chance to get out and do something crazy, then visit one of the many Go Ape attractions around the country and have the time of your life. You’ll certainly blow the cobwebs away as you swing through the treetops like a monkey in some of the most beautiful forests the UK has to offer. Just don’t tell the kids – they’ll be so jealous!

Go On Retreat

If you’re feeling tired, stressed out and in need of a break, why not go on retreat? The Global Retreat Centre in Oxfordshire hosts a number of refreshing one-day retreats where you can learn how to meditate and try your hand at relaxing Raja Yoga. Oh, it’s in a beautiful location overlooking the Thames too. Thank me later!

Head to the Theatre

Of course, you could always just take a trip to London’s West End where you can enjoy some of the biggest and best shows in the world. Dress up nice, order champagne and make an evening of it sans kids just for one night. It’ll be the perfect date night.

I hope this helps you to relax, unwind and have some much-needed kid-free time without having to travel too far!

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