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Gratitude: What is it and how to do it.
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Gratitude: What is it and how to do it.

November 12, 2018

Okay. So. Gratitude.

If you speak to any health/wellness/mindset guru or coach they will tell you that if you want to start any journey into a positive mindset, the key starting point is to practice gratitude.

So fun fact for you… I used to think gratitude was bullshit. I used to think it was for hardcore wellness fans and hippies.

Who has the time?!

Well, that’s what I thought. I thought that it just seemed a little faddy and unrealistic. I would eye roll when people suggested it as part of my Happy Mama Project. But then you know, every Tom, Dick & Harry suggested it so I thought – well I’m gonna have to bloody try it aren’t I.

Well, blow me over backwards.

This shit works.

It’s a proven fact that those who practice gratitude, experience more positive emotions and a happier life.

To start moving forward into a happier mindset you have to take stock of the things that you already have.

So how do you do it?

Well, most people will tell you to practise with pen to paper and to be honest. This is therapeutic as hell. Once you get started it is hard to stop. BUT here is what I will say. If it isn’t practical and you’ll do it a few times but then stop as it doesn’t work for you, then don’t get caught up in doing it the “proper way” and find a solution that works for you.

Use your phone notes: Nice and easy. Chances are you have your phone on you 24/7. The only thing I will say is that it is important to sit and do it in one big chunk. If you add to your gratitude list as and when you think about it, you’re not fully being mindful with it. It’s better to get into the frame of mind.

Swap counting sheep for counting gratitude: Sometimes when I am just about to fall asleep but trying to switch off (you know, the bit in between putting down your smartphone and actually shutting your eyes), I like to use this time to consider what I am lucky to have and grateful for. It’s a great way to fall asleep.

Don’t set a number: It’s generally common practice to make a list of three things you are grateful for daily but I often found that you’d end up trying to make sure you’re three things were always different to what they were the day before. So I’d do things like, not list being grateful for my kids because I did that yesterday and I felt like they should be different each day. Just make a list. If you can only think of one thing for that day then that’s okay. If you can think of ten. That’s amazing.

I honestly cannot express the importance of gratitude. I wanted to hate it. I really did but it is truly game-changing. You know those moments where you reflect on times where you felt truly content and realise you can count them on one hand. Practising gratitude gives you moments of feeling completely content in abundance.

You could be having a really shitty day. You could be feeling so resentful.

Then when the kids go to bed and you do some writing. You write out your list and you realise how #blessed you are. I bet you the next day starts with a much better vibe.

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