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Going On The Move For Your Kids

January 24, 2014

Motherhood, and parenthood in general, puts new responsibilities on your shoulders. Not so long ago, the only person you had to worry about was you. Now, you come last in the list of priorities. And, you can be sure it’ll be worth it.

Parents make all kinds of sacrifices for their kids, and most are more than willing. What could be better than providing the best? Sometimes, we sacrifice small things, such as certain foods, or that weeknight drink. Sometimes, the sacrifices are bigger. Moving for the kids, for example, is a reality many of us face.

Uprooting your life is tricky. Do you really have to go this extreme? Often, yes, and it’ll be the best decision you ever make. It may not feel like it, but moves like these could improve life for everyone. If you don’t think this will happen to you, consider the following three reasons parents move for their kids.


Education is, the main reason to move for your children. Every parent wants the best education possible. Thanks to catchment areas, that often depends on where you live. Not to mention that you want your children’s journey to school to be simple. There are busses, but picking them up  saves them a long journey after a hard day. So, when the time comes, many of us look out for the best schools and up sticks to be close to them. Most often, this will come to your attention when they head to secondary school and college. Sometimes, you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do. With a bit of luck, you won’t have to move too far. As such, you and your partner may be able to keep your jobs, and life won’t change too much!

The right place to grow up

Often, we move further afield to provide a decent place to grow up. It may be that you want to move from the countryside to a city, to give them plenty to do during the awkward teen years. Or, perhaps you fancy the quiet life. You may even want to move to exclusive areas such as Isle of Man, Guernsey, or Jersey to ensure their happy childhoods. Of course, you can’t really keep your jobs with a move that far. In that instance, you could work with a company like Alexander Daniels who help people relocating to Guernsey and Jersey. They can ensure the move runs smoothly for your partner and you, as well as the rest of the family. A relocation like this is especially crucial if crime rates or other risk factors are high in your current area.

Job opportunities

Even once your kids are out of education, the moves don’t stop. If you opted for an exclusive area in the past, you might need to move back to more populated shores to ensure they get a job. City living is ideal for this, as it provides the most opportunities. Other areas with big towns could also serve well.


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