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Should we go on holiday this year?

January 3, 2018

“Do you want to use your Christmas money to book a holiday this year?”

Its become a tradition as of late that at Christmas my mum would give us money at Christmas instead of presents with the intention of it going towards a holiday. This Christmas just passed she posed the same question she does each year “Do you want to use your Christmas money to book a holiday this year?”

I am a sucker for New Year, New Me and vouched 2018 would be the year that we live.  We would think less, do more. Be in the moment. Be present. The thought of lining up a holiday had me giddy with prospects. Where could we go? Mum has just been too Mexico and loved it. Mexico has always been on my bucket list. Could we look at Mexico houses for rent? Could we sit around drinking tequila (I mean probably not, I’m a lightweight), explore the markets and visit the sublime beaches? Visit art museums and ancient ruins? I certainly could! I had idyllic visions of treading footprints in perfect white sands with my babies. Taking the risk of sampling local food in quiet restaurants. Get our adrenaline pumping at Water Parks.

But then I came back down with a bang.

There would be two very small children and for the first time, the idea of booking a holiday has made me recoil!

“A holiday?! With ‘two under two’?! No thank you!”

For Rich and I, travel is important. It’s something we prioritise and want for our family. This year, however, I’m just not sure is for us.

It’s not that I’m scared of travelling with kids (although I am a bit scared). It’s something major for me. Rich and I both travelled a lot as children and it’s something we are eternally grateful for. I want to show my kids the world.

But I don’t know whether its best to bank it?

If we went this Summer, we would have a 4-month-old and a 19-month-old. Both children would have very different needs and requirements.

Are we best to wait for a year when their ages align a little more? When they both will want to play in the pool or at the park.

Should we just take the plunge?

However, as I scroll through social media and see people starting their year up by booking their holidays, I have no issue admitting I am green with envy! I love plans. Big plans. There is nothing more satisfying than creating things to look forward to throughout the year. Working so hard to save up for these things and enjoying the fruits of your labour when you get there.

It’s had me second guessing myself. Could we do it? 

When we went to Turkey last year with Rory, I read in The Unmumsy Mum (my holiday read obv) that holidays are just the “same sh*t, different location”. So surely if we can cope with two under two, we can cope with them abroad, right?

Although I do agree, it is the same sh*t, different location, it didn’t mean that new logistical challenges didn’t arise with Rory whilst we were abroad. We purposely booked the holiday based on the fact that he wouldn’t be on the move yet, but this actually worked out as a huge disadvantage because it meant someone had to be sat with or holding him at all times. He was on the brink of crawling, so he was frustrated that he couldn’t explore this new place and everything it had to offer and he was frustrated with being held.

Being at home means you have a certain level of “creature comforts” around you. Peppa Pig for example! So I found it harder to entertain Rory and there was a lot of passing him around.

So my gut feeling says to wait until they are both of an age where they can play and do the same thing. We can supervise both of them at the same task instead of splitting up and doing things separately. I also know that this is a reality that may not happen. I’m not a mum of two yet. I have no idea how the logistics change or work and I am sure there are many mums of multiples reading this thinking I am naive to believe they will play nicely together.

So with that in my head, I think, do we just chance it? Whats the worst that can happen? Things turn out a bit crap.

Are there ways around it?

Could we make things easier on ourselves and make it work? Is there safety in numbers? The more people we bring, the more hands on deck.

Should we get a villa and create a home from home environment? Pack home comforts and iPads and enough snacks to feed the 5,000 to keep them happy and content.

Should I stop worrying and pre-empting the worst case scenario before one of the children is even born yet? Should I be the mum I vouched I’d be and not let the babies dictate our plans (I know, I’m laughing at that statement too!)

Will it really be as bad as I am foreseeing or will it work out just right? Would throwing ourselves in at the deep end give us a massive confidence boost?

OR do I pop my Mexican dreams on hold for a while?

Have you ever travelled with two small children? How did it work out?

This is a collaborative post.

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