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Give Your Kids the Gift of Inspiration This Christmas

December 10, 2014

Christmas is just around the corner, which means you should now be very much thinking about or even starting, your Christmas shopping. And, if you find yourself struggling with what to get your kids this Christmas, then why not take a bit of a different angle? Why not, for instance, buy them gifts that will inspire and motivate them in their lives past Christmas and into the new year? For advice on just what kind of gift falls into the category of inspiration and motivation, make sure to read on.

Gifts that signify reward

One of the best ways to inspire a child is to show them that there is a reward for hard work and good behaviour. So, why not give your child a gift that clearly signifies reward? What’s more, why not give your child a gift that signifies a reward in a specific part of their life? For instance, if your child has done specifically well when it comes to a particular lesson, sport or activity in their life, why not get him or her a medal from that clearly rewards them for it. If they have done particularly well in something, they should know it — and nothing will let them know they have done particularly well better than a medal that clearly states it. For doing well at rugby, they could be gifted a medal with a rugby ball on. For doing well in art, they could be gifted a medal with a paintbrush on. And for doing well at cheerleading, they could be gifted a medal with dancers on it. By doing these things you will make it clear to your child that they are doing very well with that aspect of their life. Thus, you might inspire them to carry on and try even harder with it in the future. And thus, you might be able to nurture the fact that they have shown an amplitude to that particular activity in life in a way that might make them grow up and become a professional in it. And if that were to happen, you’d be glad of that medal or other gift of inspiration you bought way back when!

Gifts that stimulate a positive activity

Yes, it’s nice to gift your children with games console games, but it’s even better to give them gifts that stimulate a far more positive activity in their life. This could be anything from a paint brush set, in the hopes that your child will pick up the brushes and inspired to become a budding artists, all the way to a book that may inspire your child to pen their own stories as they grow up. You should especially think about buying gifts cut in this inspirational ilk if, so far in his or her life, your child has not really taken too well to any sort of activity that you would deem to be beneficial to them as they grow older.

For more advice on how to inspire and motivate your children in certain areas and aspects of life, make sure to check out this article.


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