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Getting Outside as a Family | Outdoor Activity Ideas

June 12, 2017

It’s Summer!! Well, at the moment is the best that Great Britain has to offer but I am still optimistic that the sunshine is somewhere (anywhere). When I fell pregnant and realised I would be on my maternity leave during the Summer months I had great visions of spending it outside and although slightly delayed I do still have plans to get outdoors with my family.

1. Join the National Trust. Who even am I? A couple of years ago Rich said that we have a national trust membership with our joint bank account and my exact reaction was “what the hell do we need that for?!!”, fast forward three years and I am waving my orange national trust membership card around the place like I am the FBI. One off trips can work out quite costly but having a membership makes for a really nice afternoon out when you are at a loose end (in case you can’t tell I have had this scenario multiple times!) Click Here to Join.
2. Woodland Activities. My friend Laura told me about the Woodlands Trust Nature Detectives activity page and I have to be honest, it’s one of the most impressive things I think I have come across. It is full of so many fun activities to do for babies through to 6+-year-olds. On the days we have Rich’s kids and want to save some money on days out, we will always turn to it as they like to pick things out, its always a fun task and it gets us all out in the open air. So far we have made fairy doors and a woodland sensory box for Rory.
3. Cycling. According to the The British Cyclists Survey by Cycle Republic, in the Netherlands a whopping 99% of the population are cyclists – they’re also notoriously well known for being happy and as part of my personal happiness project, I want a slice of that pie! I also feel like as we get more and more nervous about allowing our children outside unattended, I can’t help bit feel they are going to start missing out of the bike riding time we used to have. As a kid, riding a bike was a huge part of my childhood, I would cycle to my friend’s houses on the small building estate we lived on. My step children won’t have that due to the location of both their houses (both on quite busy roads) however, they both LOVE riding bikes so I want to make sure they still get that quality time by finding nice cycle paths with them.
4. Picnics. A sure fire maternity leave winner right? I have been invited to a couple of picnics with other maternity leave mummies and its always such a success. It costs a minimal amount as everyone just picks up a few “nibbly bits” which is also successful with weaning babies. If the weather is nice, round up some friends and a blanket and get outside.

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