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Getting Your Kids Involved with the Great Outdoors

December 1, 2014

Your garden is an integral part of the home, and getting your kids involved with the outdoors can sometimes be hard. They might want to play on the console, or watch tv, but both you and them will feel better for getting some fresh air. Here are some ideas of how get your children involved in the garden, because they can absolutely enjoy it too. It’s not just a place where they can mess about and play football, it can interest in lots of other ways as well.

Attract Wildlife

Attracting wildlife can be a great way to keep your children entertained, and teach them a bit about the world we live in too. Certain plants can attract, butterflies and bees, making your home a wildlife sanctuary. This can help fertilise your garden too, helping it to grow. This means you can enjoy a healthy garden for years to come.

Bird feeders can be awesome as well to encourage birds to come into your garden. Identifying certain birds, and seeing the different kinds of food they like to eat, can be a fun pastime for young children as well. It feels good to help out the animals too, and this is a great way to teach your children just this.

Garden Maintenance

Keeping up your garden can seem like a boring task, but to your kids playing around in the mud might just be their idea of fun. When your weeding, or need the earth turning up, give the some trowels and let them get stuck in too. Making some mud pies, digging for gold, burying some seeds or planting new seedlings, are all simple tasks your children can help out with. Planting things too means they can watch things grow, and feel a sense of accomplishment at what they have grown themselves, with their own two hands.

Watering the garden is something that needs to be done, but can also be made fun too. Using rainwater, by recycling it, is also great for the environment too. By getting plastic water storage tanks, you can store rain water and use it whenever you need. This is a great way to teach your children about recycling, and ways to help the environment too. Get them to fill up a watering can, and water the garden with you.

Grow Some Vegetables

It can be difficult enough as it is, getting your children to eat healthily, but getting them to grow their own food can be a good way to encourage. As well as planting shrubs and easy flowers, plant some vegetables as well. Seeing what they can grow and create can be a great way to encourage healthy eating, and give them a real sense of accomplishment.

Getting your children outside and in the garden will be really beneficial to the in so many ways. Getting them to learn about healthy eating, or where hard work can get you, are all great things to teach them. Getting them tired out and ready for bed is also a plus as well!   



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