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Getting a Good Night’s Sleep In Before Your Little One Arrives

November 3, 2014

Any new mother will be able to tell you that you can say goodbye to a full eight hours’ sleep once your little bundle of joy arrives. Newborn babies have no sense of time, and their body clocks are still adjusting to the world outside of the womb. While they sleep a lot (around 15-17 hours a day), they take short naps, regularly waking for feeding, cuddling, changing, and general attention. So, after the strain of giving birth, you’ll be lucky to get a decent night’s sleep for a month or so at least. This is unavoidable and just part and parcel of being a parent. However, you can have a little more control over your sleep during your pregnancy. Embrace the calm before the storm to the fullest, using this time to ensure that you are as well rested as possible. Here are a few different ways to get the most comfortable, refreshing sleep in the weeks prior to your little one’s due date.

Understanding the Importance of Sleeping During Pregnancy

It’s not surprising that many women feel fatigued throughout their pregnancy. Many things are changing, and it’s difficult to break out of your usual routine or grow used to differences in your sleeping habits. Your body is also constantly changing, meaning that you may have to find new positions to sleep in comfortably. Stomach sleepers can say goodbye to sleeping flat on their stomachs and have to get used to sleeping on their back or side. You may also experience newly developed issues such sleep apnoea, insomnia, restless leg syndrome, or nocturnal gastroesophageal reflux (otherwise known as nighttime GERD). You may also experience the inconvenience of having to visit the toilet more frequently throughout the night. However, all of these inconveniences are worth it. After all, your body is working overtime to sustain the healthy development of your child. Without sufficient sleep, your little one will not be able to develop to their full potential prior to birth. So, it’s important that you prioritize sleep, ensuring that you get at least your eight hours a night.

Say Goodbye to Cramps

So, let’s get started by tackling some of the problems you may face with sleeping while pregnant. Many pregnant women experience extensive cramping while they sleep. It tends to focus on the legs but can strike almost any part of your body. Waking up to gripping pain is never enjoyable. Especially when you can’t reach down past your bump to massage the area back to its usual state. Luckily, there’s a quick fix to your cramp problems: tonic water. Now, this may not have frequented your cupboards since discovering your pregnancy. Gin and tonics are a thing of the past. However, it’s good to keep a couple of bottles in the cupboards. It has been suggested by medics that drinking two to three ounces of tonic water before going to bed can help to prevent leg cramps throughout the night. It really is as simple as that!

Take a Bath

Now, you have to be careful with the temperature of your baths while you are pregnant. They shouldn’t be too hot, as you can overheat which may have detrimental effects on your baby. You want to aim to avoid changing your standard body temperature by any more than two degrees celsius. However, warm baths at the right temperature can be beneficial. Avoid using excessive products. Plain and simple is the way to go. A nice bath can help to relieve stresses and relieve aches and pains. This is a great way to make you feel comfortable and sleepy, ready for bed.

Make Your Bedroom Comfortable

Making your bedroom as comfortable a space as possible is a surefire way to easy, stress-free sleep. Your home can become really crowded in the lead up to having a child. It seems as though there are cardboard boxes all over the place from cots, Moses baskets, and furniture. There are toys sprawled about waiting to be played with and all sorts of milk expressers, bottles, and sterilizers that don’t yet have a place amongst your pots and pans in the kitchen. This chaos can create a hectic atmosphere, and your home can easily become claustrophobic. So keep the clutter out of your sleeping space. It’s easier said than done, but you will benefit from carrying it out. Remember to treat yourself too. All of your income is likely spent on baby things, but you are going to be feeling a little worse for wear after the birth and deserve a little something special. Consider John Ryan by Design mattress toppers for your bed. This will give you that soft sinking feeling. You’ll be dreaming that you’re sleeping on clouds.


Now, you should avoid vigorous exercise while you’re pregnant. You don’t want to overwork yourself. However, gentle exercise is extremely beneficial for both you and your baby. Yoga is the answer to all of your prayers.  Don’t worry if you’ve never tried any form of yoga before. The right teacher will be able to show you the ropes. It’s a great way to stay in shape, keeping you limber, toning your muscles, improving your balance, and maintaining good circulation during your pregnancy. The bonus? It doesn’t put too much pressure on your joints either! As well as the physical aspects of yoga, you will pick up skills such as controlling your breathing and being able to make a conscious effort to relax. These skills will become invaluable during labor. So, start searching for your local classes today. There may even be some specialist classes where you can bond with other pregnant women with similar interests.

As you can see, sleep is an important part of pregnancy. So follow these simple steps towards getting a deeper, more comfortable night’s sleep in the lead up to giving birth. Trust us, you’ll look back on these blissful nights through rose-tinted glasses when you’re waking up for the third feed of the night.

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