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From “A bit of fun” to Married with Kids!

July 3, 2014

Isn’t it funny how sometimes things don’t go to plan? Sometimes life just seems to be written for you. One minute you’re on a sex dating site looking for a “bit of fun” and the next you’re married with kids! Here some families share their stories. 

Sam was my little brother’s football coach and was heading off to Uni in September. We met at a BBQ organized by the manager of the team in July. decided we would ‘have some fun’ until he went to Uni. The day he left for uni I cried my eyes out all day long. I knew then I loved him. I was 17, he was 19. 26/07 will be our 10 year anniversary. We have a beautiful little boy together and have been living together for 6 years. – Kat, Raising Harry

Phil and I met on Facebook! We were playing hot or not which I guess was the 2009 version of Tinder. We lived on opposite ends of the country and both thought it was flirting, a bit of fun. But we found ourselves rushing back from nights out to call each other. Eventually we arranged to meet.I travelled down to London to see him, still convinced it was a bit of fun. He drove me back up north so that we could spend longer together – still a bit of fun. Then we got caught in traffic and instead of simply dropping me at home, Phill ended up driving me to my cousin’s 21st, where he pulled up to my family and friends sat in the beer garden. I’m talking grandma, aunties, siblings. My auntie dragged him inside and within minutes she has him fixing her PC. My bloke mates were questioning him and his intentions, my sister was mocking his accent. This is STILL meant to be a bit of fun! He ended up staying over – still a bit of fun – and as he drove away the next day I thought “I’m never going to see this guy again” I mean come on!! It was meant to be fun and not ‘meet the family’, I was sure he’d disappear. But he didn’t. The following weekend Phill turned up at my house with a huge bunch of flowers and I knew then that there was something special. We’ve been together 10 years, married for 7. He’s raised my daughter as his own and we have a three year old daughter together – and it’s still fun!

I was in an abusive relationship and then decided if I couldn’t get away I would have a but of fun on the side. We went from “fuck buddies” to me leaving husband and still just sleeping together to a relationship and now live together and he is an amazing step dad to my son. The turning point where it became a relationship was when we both realised we were a bit miffed with the other if they were busy doing something else and we wanted to spend more time together lol. If it’s any use feel free to use anonymously lol don’t want the hassle of some people I know potentially finding out there was an affair lol it was only a matter of weeks and I had tried to leave for months without success but managed to have the confidence after I met my now other half and realised I deserved better! – Annonymous. (Marital Affair gone right!)

I met Dann just before I went to uni. I definitely thought it was just for fun, as I was moving 70 miles away with no transport to study. But he kept visiting and then in my second year of university he moved down and got a job and we lived together. I knew then we were stuck together as he gave up everything to move in with me. 11 years on we’re still good and living where I went to uni. Oh also we were very drunk when we met and Dann got asked to leave the nightclub we were in for being too handsy with an 18 year old he’d just met! I wasn’t bothered but the bouncers were! – Rachel, The Illustrated Teacup

Met a guy on PoF purely based on the fact he liked my favourite film Heather’s and certainly not the pork pie hat in his profile picture. I was stood up twice, told my best mate third time best be worth it and 10 years with a 5 year old bundle of chaos later, I reckon I’ll let him stay. – Sinead, Sinead Latham

We met on an aeroplane on the way to Thailand. We sat on the same row and chatted all the way from Dubai to Bangkok. We then met up over there for NYE and kept in touch, meeting again for long weekends when we returned to the UK. We lived 300 miles apart so it was long distance for a year. It didn’t take long for us to decided that we were meant to be together and start planning how we would make it work.In the end, we decided that It was best that I moved from the North East to Somerset. Soon after we got engaged in India and eloped with 2 close friends to New York to get married. We’ve now been married nearly 4 years and have a 2 year old and 1 year old. It was just meant to be. – Nicola, The Merralls Home 

*This is a collab post.

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