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Friday Favourites #3

August 5, 2016

Benefit Brow Gel. This was the freebie in this month’s Glamour Magazine (I’ve been looking around for inspiration to make some slightly different blog content) and I am pretty impressed with it. When it comes to make up I am so lazy, but trying really hard to make more effort, so I found this quite nice and easy to use. 
Having a super clean house. Er mah gaaahhhddd my house is so clean at the moment (in some rooms) I was like a crazy possessed woman on Sunday when it came to tidying and it has paid off. I was literally hovering out and wiping behind kitchen drawers that was how bad it got. To maintain the level of cleanliness I have adopted a 20 minute rule, when I get home I spend 20 minutes tidying up one room, which is really paying off and it’s so manageable. 
Ordering a washer dryer. Okay so this makes me sound so so so old but I have never been so excited. We currently have a crappy old washing machine that is supposed to be integrated but isn’t so it just looks like a white box in the kitchen compared to our great cupboards and dishwasher. We have always said that one day we will upgrade the washing machine to match the dishwasher which just kind of blend in nicely. Anyway, loads of people have mentioned that a tumble dryer will come in really handy with a winter baby and the amount of baby grows you require so we were looking at cheap dryers and where we could fit in in the house when the penny dropped… Washer dyer? I had always heard they were a bit naff though so pointing the task to Richard, he managed to find a decent affordable one and I will no doubt keep you updated on this life excitement! 
Love Style Mindfulness. This blog is just something else right now. Sinead has clearly put some serious effort in and it is paying off! Whenever I feel a little meh about blogging, Love Style Mindfulness gives me the kick up the arse I need to try a little harder. 
Episodes. This is hilarious. It’s a series on Netflix with Matt le Blanc about him trying to build a career after friends. It is so funny! 

Being back on YouTube. I have adored being back on YouTube and had so much fun filming this week. I have a couple more videos on my schedule and am currently gathering inspiration so if there is anything you would like to see, please let me know! Also please please please subscribe to my channel.  

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