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Friday Favourites #1

July 15, 2016

I don’t normally like to put up really poor quality pictures, but what’s cuter than 2 Frenchie ears watching Fargo? 

Pokémon Go. Hello to all my fellow 90s kids, we loved it then, surely we owe Pokémon something to love it now? This game is so hilarious, the husband and I have got so into it, freaking out when a Pidgey arrives in the car. I really like that it encourages movement and for you to get out and about. More games should be like this! Yesterday I took my step kids out (6 and 3) to play it and they loved it, was also nice to see other kids (teenagers) out and about and having the confidence to come over and help Imogen and Ben (step-kids) out, showing them where rare Pokémon are. God, it’s no nerdy but I love it! I think Rich was embarrassed when he came to pick us all up to see his wife running around with a load of kids under 13 trying to find Pokémon. I’d imagine I looked a bit like Buddy the Elf. 
YouTube. Rich has just got an Xbox which leaves me with some spare television-less evenings, so I have really got back into YouTube! My favourite channels at the moment are The SacconeJolys (obvs!), Kendra Atkins (really liking her pregnancy updates), Dina Tokio and Kate La Vie.
16 and Pregnant. I should obviously be watching far more educational documentaries like One Born Every Minute but I just can’t help myself. This is guilty pleasure, trash TV at its finest.
The Unmumsy Mum. I’ve been really enjoying this book and feel it’s getting me well prepared for times to come, however it is also terrifying me! One of my favourite parts so far is discussing how unless you décor taste is plastic shit chic, the Jumperoo is not going to fit in. I am, luckily, really excited at how our home is going to change and become more family orientated. (by the way, mummy bloggers, what are your thoughts on the Jumperoo? Worth it, want to pick up a second hand one!)
Fargo (the movie). Okay so I only watched half of this last night, but I loved the first TV series and now the second one is out I am really keen to watch this too, but Rich recommended the film first. Watched half of it last night and so far I am sold.

Canva. I have just discovered this image creating platform and feel like a kid in a sweet shop. My blog images are currently what needs the most improvement as they are cack at the moment (I am working on it!) Discovering this has made me feel really inspired however I am not entirely sure on how I am going to use it yet. I love blogs that offer their own photography, however this isn’t always feasible so I am excited about how this may be able to help my blog. 

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