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September 25, 2017

Baby number two is a GIRL! I absolutely cannot believe I am going to have a little girl. We had a gender scan at Window to the Womb last weekend, one year after we had our 4D scan with Rory there which is so funny! When they announced it was a girl I cried! I have never been soppy with scans but I think it was because I just knew deep down it was a little girl, I felt like the bond I’d formed had just been verified and I was also so shocked, I never thought I’d have a little girl! I absolutely would have been happy with either gender, but I think because I always thought I’d just have boys, I put the thought of having a girl to the back of my mind and never saw that life so I am bewildered and over the moon! 

What are my symptoms?
Completely drained & exhausted: Initially I thought this was going to be a really smooth pregnancy as it started off being pretty much symptomless. Around this time with Rory was my favourite time and I was glowing, but this pregnancy seems to be sucking the life out of me! It feels like the first trimester in overdrive. I have no energy, I am just zapped. I am not sure if this is just a hardcore pregnancy or if it’s because I have got pregnant so soon after having Rory that my body didn’t have a lot of time to “recharge”? 
I’ve started getting really health conscious and taking a lot of vitamins and supplements to try and manage it. I hate feeling this exhausted and I also dislike my mental health being compromised so I am doing lots of things to try and maintain energy and stay positive.

Headaches: I had a couple of headaches a little later on in my pregnancy with Rory which were a result of tiredness (which is probably the case now) but they’re pretty bad! They’re the type of headache that completely cloud your head too if that makes sense? Like when I have one I just can’t think straight and I get all tongue-tied.

Nose Bleeds: So I had my first ever nose bleed at 25 years old! I woke up in the night and in my half asleep state I thought Rory had dribbled on my nose (I don’t know where I get these thoughts either), then in the morning, it was very clear that I’d had quite the nosebleed! With my first pregnancy, there was definitely blood ‘up my nose’ but it never poured out like that before!

Sensitive Teeth: With my first pregnancy I had bleeding gums which I was expecting this time around, but I have ended up with a really sensitive right side of the mouth!

Freezing Cold: Not entirely sure if this IS pregnancy related but I’ve never really been a person that felt cold unless it was actually cold but I am always freezing!

What am I craving?
I’m a little bit crap on the cravings front, nothing consistent showed up with Rory until quite late (it was ice lollies) so I am not ever sure in the earlier days as to whether it’s cravings or just things I fancy? Anyway, there have been a couple!

  • Olives & Pickles: but the second Rich brought them home I wasn’t that bothered! 
  • Salt & Vinegar Crisps
  • Mashed Potatoes, Peas & Gravy: to be fair I dream about this meal! This one has come up a few times and it is the best! 
  • The smell of bleach: this is all new. I’ve never had non-food related cravings before.
  • The sensation of biting and snapping false nails: (don’t ask!) 

Any Movements Yet?
I am pretty sure I have felt her first movements at 16 weeks, but obviously, it’s still very early and I am not expecting anything consistently for a while!

What about Stretch Marks?
Nothing yet! I do need to start preventing stretch marks, but this is always a place I have been lazy! I didn’t really do anything to prevent them with Rory and do have a couple on my belly but nothing major. I think there is a little more ‘stretch’ to my belly this time around as it had only just gone down from my last pregnancy but I will try and remember to take action to prevent!

How’s the Bump Cooking?
The bump has popped this week! I have only just started to show which is much later than I expected considering this is my second pregnancy. I am pretty sure half of my bump is actually left over from Rory! It’s definitely way less neat than it was during my last pregnancy, I know a lot of people say neat bumps for boys and the weight is carried everywhere for girls which could be the case but it is hard to say considering my pregnancies are very close together, it may be due to my belly not being as firm as it was once.

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