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Five Alternative Ways to Travel with Toddlers

May 23, 2013

When you have a toddler, you want to take into consideration their attention span and needs when planning your vacation. Long haul trips might be too taxing for your little one, and staying put on the plane for hours might not be their kind of fun. To help you plan your next family vacation you and your toddler can both enjoy, below you’ll find a few alternative holiday planning options.

  1. Self Catering

Renting a villa has plenty of benefits. You will get more space for your family, and more flexibility. Also, you can look after your little one without having to put up with the crowd. A villa holiday for your family can be a better option than an all inclusive resort, where you would have to put up with the crowd and make sure you are ready for meal times. You will get more flexibility to do what you need to do with your toddler when you rent a villa.

  1. Cruises

A great way of staying comfortable and avoiding dragging your luggage through the airport and in the hotel is booking a cruise. You can have everything in your cabin, and only have to leave if you feel like it. Check out some great Alaska cruises suitable for young families, offering childcare and entertainment. You can take turns with your partner who is looking after the little one, and who is looking around on the shore.

  1. Train

To have more space to walk around and move about, you might want to take the train instead of the plane. You don’t have to go through the torture of security checks with your toddler, trying to hold their hands, your shoes, your belt and your laptop, and will have more space to feed them. A train journey can be relaxing for parents and little ones as well.

  1. All Inclusive Resorts

You might try an all inclusive resort, if you want luxury, but make sure that the hotel is child-friendly, and there is a kids’ club on site. These benefits will compensate for the potential crowd and inconvenience of having to queue for your food with the little one. If your toddler is a picky eater, you might also benefit from booking all inclusive, or you would end up wasting a lot of money trying different meals.

  1. Day Trips

If your toddler hates traveling, you need to compromise. If they are not good with new places and faces, you can plan day trips instead. Traveling with toddlers can be challenging, and the longer the journey the moodier they will become. Start by exploring your local area and some nature reserves, where they are not required to face the crowd, and give them time to get used to traveling, before you book a week vacation by the beach.

Whether you love the beach or would like to explore new places with your toddler, you have to take into consideration what they are able to deal with. Avoid crowded and noisy resorts, and give them time to get used to people.

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