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Finding your Inner Queen

January 2, 2019

Your highest self. I want to start our new self-development journey with her because she is the format to everything we cover in the #happymamaproject on route to achieving your Best Mum Life.

Your highest self is basically your Inner Queen. She is the best version of yourself. We all have her. The girl you’re gonna be when you do X.

For example, I’ll be my best, happiest self when I lose weight/have more money/find the perfect partner etc. When I do those things then I will be the best version of myself, the type of person who has savings/is organised/is patient and calm.

Does that ring a bell?

We basically hold this little babe on a means and treat her like a destination. She is destination happy. We always wait for her to arrive. When things align, we will become her.

Well how about we just start being her right now?

Want to change the game? Want to unlock your inner Queen and become her today? 

Grab a pen and paper and get writing, once you start writing about your highest self – its hard to stop. That pen will flow. 

Have a think about who she is, get in touch with her. Write about her. 

What do you want to BE? What do you want to DO? What do you want to HAVE?

Here are some journal prompts so you can get a good idea of how she looks:

  • What does she wear?
  • How does she behave?
  • What are her hobbies?
  • What makes her happy? 
  • What job does she have? 
  • How are her relationships?
  • How does she come across?
  • What do people think of her?

Here is how my inner Queen looks:

She lives in an organised, clutter-free home that isn’t perfect but she takes pride in everything she owns. She has a laidback attitude which is also reflected in her style. She wears relaxed, casual clothes, nothing too smart, just easy pieces. She has a good sense of humour with lots of dry wit and sarcastic banter. Her personality is infectious and bubbly. She is good with money and prioritises saving but also is able to spend money when needed without feeling guilty as she has worked hard to earn it. 

So key takeaways that I can start now are: 

  • Taking care of my belongings. I have been fixing broken/stained items like our sofa, decluttering our space and making the space look like the environment my highest self would live in. 
  • Only having a wardrobe full of clothes that my “inner queen” would want to wear.
  • Starting a savings account and depositing 10% of any incomings I have. At the moment being self-employed I find it hard to stick to a set savings amount as I always prioritise paying bills so I find that sending 10% to savings is easy as you won’t miss the smaller amounts and it all tallies up pretty quick!  

So far I hope this makes sense? 

If you follow the Law of Attraction this is called ‘taking inspired action’ it’s basically getting into alignment with whatever you desire. However, from a personal development point of view, I think its invaluable. 

We all have a best self in our minds and we all just wait for life to head that way, without ever DOING anything to push it into that direction. Getting really specific with who your Inner Queen is means that you can spot the gaps that you can fill in this moment. You can start to be the best version of yourself today. 

Being in alignment with my inner queen holds me accountable. She holds me accountable. I know it sounds silly but recently to get on her wavelength I have been fixing the stains on our sofa, cleaning my car and scrubbing old food stains off the wall (thank you Rory), I have made sure my changing bag is always fully stocked and I have thrown out any clothes that don’t make me feel like her. 

I know these are all things that you may think, “well why wouldn’t you do that anyway?” but we are humans. We like to just fester and be annoyed at things and get to them ‘one day’ – old inner Queenie makes me accountable. 

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