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Family Travel Bucket List: Tenerife

December 1, 2014

Something I really want to pass on to my children is travel. I was pretty lucky growing up that my parents took me to see a lot of the world, same with Rich, and it’s always been something we have cherished. Initially when I knew I was going to fall into the 2 under 2 bracket I kissed goodbye to my holiday dreams, but as time passed I realised it won’t be that way forever and after all a holiday is just “same stuff, different location” as quoted by The Unmumsy Mum. So I have started to compile a “Family Travel Bucket List”, after looking at Holiday Gems Tenerife Deals, here is why I’d like to visit Tenerife!

The Beaches: Tenerife has 400m of coastline which means it has space for some pretty extraordinary beaches! I’m actually more of a poolside person that a beach person, but as a kid, I loved the beach and have some great memories there and I want that for my babies too!

Siam Park: When it comes to a water park I am down (you should have seen my upset face when I couldn’t do anything last week at Center Parcs, damn pregnancy) and this one is meant to be pretty epic, Tenerife actually has a few water parks that look like they’d get your adrenaline going!

Santa Cruz de Tenerife Carnevale: With two small children I can’t see us making it to Rio De Janeiro anytime soon so this seems like a reasonable dupe! This is considered to be second to Rio Carnival yet seems to fall under the radar slightly? Over the course of a week, festivals, processions and parties flood the streets of Santa Cruz with colour, feathers and glitter. I’d never heard of this carnival and knowing it’s slightly more accessible being in Europe sends it straight to the top of our bucket list!

Roam San Cristóbal de la Laguna: This town was built in the 16th and 18th centuries, meaning that many of the public and private buildings have a charming colonial style to them. I’ve never seen a more Instagram worthy place, this colourful setting is the perfect European backdrop for any photo! Better still, the surrounding restaurants and shops allegedly have the perfect ‘local charm’

Mount Teide Volcano: Have you ever seen a volcano in the flesh? No me neither! That is definitely bucket list worthy. As well as this the National Park looks pretty breath-taking.


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