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Family Travel Bucket List: Australia

December 1, 2014

Something I really want to pass onto my children is travel. I was pretty lucky growing up that my parents took me to see a lot of the world, same with Rich, and it’s always been something we have cherished. Initially when I knew I was going to fall into the 2 under 2 bracket I kissed goodbye to my holiday dreams but as time passed I realised it won’t be that way forever and after all a holiday is just “same stuff, different location” as quoted by The Unmumsy Mum. So I have started to compile a “Family Travel Bucket List”, let’s start with the great down under!

Sydney Opera House

Sydney’s world-famous Opera House. The European style architecture with an Aussie twist in Melbourne. Swathes of tropical mangroves and ripening fruit in Queensland and the Northern Territory.

Scuba Diving, Queensland

To the majority of travellers, Queensland is the BEST place in Australia by a country mile. Not only is it home to the hotspots, but it has character and modern cities rolled into one. Oh, yeah, and it has the Great Barrier Reef too. Probably the most magnificent diving site in the world (yep, that’s a quote), the Reef is a place full of exotic creatures and vivid colours. From puffer fish to turtles and sharks, the place is packed with gorgeous animals. Who knows? You may be lucky enough to spot something new.

Surfing, Byron Bay

Surfing is quintessentially Australian, even more so than “put another shrimp on the barbie!” And, Bondi beach is the place which is synonymous with the most notorious of Aussie sports. So, the fact that this post is telling you to head out of Sydney and into Byron Bay may be confusing. Stick with it though, because it will be the best sporting decision of your life. Why? It’s because of the range of waves. From beginners to experts, Byron has it all for the ‘surfing massive.’ Bondi is cool, but the waves aren’t helpful for beginners.

Cage Diving, Port Lincoln

South Australia doesn’t get as much attention as the other states. Maybe it needs a PR refresher course. Whatever the reason, it’s doing itself a disservice because SA has lots to offer visitors. But, the jewel in the crown is cage diving with sharks. Located in the Great Australian Bight, the area is a hotspot for Great Whites thanks to warm currents and plenty on the menu. As points out, it’s one of the only places where they use barley to attract sharks, increasing the chances of a sighting. A day out with a Great White is terrifying, but it’s an occasion you’ll never forget.

Camel Ride, Broome

Yep, you would expect this to take place in, say, the Outback. But, such is the unpredictability of Aus, and the fact it’s upside down, nothing is what it seems. As for camel rides, they are big, cumbersome and uncomfortable, and that’s just the guides. Still, there is nothing like watching the sunset over the sand as the Indian Ocean envelops it for yet another day. Where’s the adrenaline, you ask? Wait until you have to navigate ten feet of camel is the reply.


As the saying goes, when in Rome.


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