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Everything You Need To Know About Valuing Your Antique Jewellery

November 10, 2020

Image Source: Pixabay

If you have jewellery which you have inherited or collected over the years from places like antique fairs and shops, then there is an excellent chance your jewellery may have more value than you realise. It is an excellent idea to take stock of your jewellery now and then and have it appraised so that you know its value, and so you can have it insured appropriately. 

Below are some tips on finding out the value of your jewellery that may well give you a surprise and will let you know just how much your antique jewellery is worth.

What To Look For In Your Jewellery

You will first want to check your jewellery for specific signs such as a hallmark, or something which denotes the purity of the metal in the item or items. A hallmark will usually have information which includes the town where the pieces weremade, the purity of the metals used, and the date when it was created. When you find a hallmark or other marking which denotes the origins of an item, you can then research thismarking online to get more information on the jewellery.

Having Your Items Appraised

It is vital to know that there are different valuations that you can get with your vintage and antique jewellery, and all of these will give different values to your items. When you are looking to get your antique diamond rings valued, you may wish to consider having a look at antique jewellery dealers such as Kalmar Antiques for an accurate appraisal.

The different valuations you can get are as follows:

1. Insurance Valuation

Insurance companies will have two different valuations, the first one being an NRV or new replacement valuation, and the second one being SHRV or second-hand replacement valuation. When you have antique jewellery valued, they will give you an SHRV valuation as the item is not new, and this is the figure an insurance company would place on an item if there were an insurance claim. 

2. Probate Valuation

Probate valuations are used for many things such as working out the value of assets in the estate of someone deceased, the value of items in a divorce, or other legal proceedings. It is vital to keep in mind that the amount will be lower than the Insurance Valuation, and the figure reflects how much money you could get if you were to sell the item today in its current condition.

3. Sale Valuations

Sale valuations are for people who wish to sell their jewellery rather than find out a value for insurance or other purposes. Many companies will often have different processes for this service, and it is worth your time and effort in shopping around to find the best service possible. The sale value will be worked out on the current condition of the item, the precious metals and gemstones included, and the current demand for jewellery like yours. 

Image Source: Unsplash

Make sure that you select the correct valuation for you when you go to a reputable jewellery company for an appraisal, and if for insurance purposes, speak to your insurance company first. You may find that they have specific criteria which need to be followed before they will insure an item for its full value.

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