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Essentials for a New Mama | New Mum Must Haves

August 13, 2017

There is nothing in this world that can prepare you for those first few weeks with your brand new baby. You become wrapped up in this bubble of overwhelming love, pride and sheer exhaustion and it can be tough! We all know about the top essentials you need such as maternity pads and disposable underwear, but what about the things that can make your life a little bit easier? 

Thermos Flask: If you heard that hot cups of tea go out of the window when you become a parent, that’s because it’s incredibly true! Rich made me so many cups of tea in the early days that didn’t get drunk purely down to baby brain, I completely forgot that he made them! I then started using a Bodum travel mug which bought me more time and I managed to start actually drinking some!
Dressing Gown: I lived in a dressing gown for the first few weeks, I found having any form of waist band around my tummy so painful from the bruising post c-section. A dressing gown is super easy to throw on during night feeds, for early morning cuddles on the sofa and great for having skin to skin moments post bath time. Having some luxury nightwear just makes the whole postpartum gig feel a little more glamorous – even if it is going to get milk stained.
Leggings: At some point or another you’re going to need to go out and to go out you have to wear clothes. When you’re first postpartum your body shape is very different, you still have a slight belly and a little baby weight so you want to stick to comfortable clothing and leggings are a great option. I stocked up on the Primark ones that have a fleece lining for ultimate comfort!
Ask the Midwife App: Oh my god, my absolute number one all time life saver! Having a new baby comes with so much worry, you are constantly concerned about something and wanting to Google it or call the Health Visitor. Our midwives run a drop in centre but being post cesarian I couldn’t drive to the hospital and walking was quite a trek. I came up with so many worries in those first few weeks, I’d be scared that the baby hadn’t pooped for 24 hours or that my scar didn’t look right! Discovering Ask The Midwife was a real lifesaver, I could take just a few minutes to ask a question and then wait for someone to get back to me with reassuring advice.
Quick & Easy Food: It’s really easy to fall into the trap of forgetting to eat, especially when your other half goes back to work and you start parenting solo. It’s really good to have super quick stuff in the house that doesn’t take much thought. I also found when I first had Rory that I had zero appetite. I just couldn’t be bothered to eat anything but obviously had to keep my strength up. I found really simple, borderline bland foods the best. Heinz Cream of Tomato soup for the win!
Netflix: Whether you’re breast or bottle feeding, you’re about to spend a whole lot more time sat around feeding the baby and it’s time-consuming! Lining up some good box sets on Netflix makes that time way more relaxing and a good excuse to put your feet up and enjoy the cuddles afterwards.
Stool Softener: Less glamorous, but a complete essential none the less. Your first postpartum poo is scary, don’t make it any more difficult than it needs to be, take the damn softener!
Dry Shampoo: Washing your hair very quickly becomes a luxury when you have a baby, in the early days you give up trying to wash the vomit out because the second you do there will be a projectile attack. In the later days, it’s just not worth the hassle of trying to coo at the baby whose rifling through the bathroom bin whilst desperately trying not to get shampoo in your eyes. I’ve also had much greasier hair in the postpartum hormonal come down so I stock up on dry shampoo when it’s on offer and my top knot is probably a good 40% dry shampoo at all times.
Powdered Coffee: Coffee is very quickly about to come life (I didn’t even like coffee before I had a baby but now we are BFFs), I loved powdered coffee as it meant I could make it one handed whilst still holding my brand new bundle of joy.

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