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Elins Six Week Update | Newborn Baby Update

April 24, 2018

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How is Elin?

Elin is a happy little duck. In between colic and general newborn fussiness we are starting to see a happy little character.

She has started smiling, and oh my, what a smile. I’m not saying this because she’s mine, but the girl’s smile is insane. It lights up.

She loves company. The second she sets eyes on a person she is content and smiling which is really sweet. Colic, reflux and all things alike can feel like they’ve robbed you of your newborn so its lovely to see this sweeter side shine through.

She was weighed at 4 weeks old by the lactation consultant but I forgot to take her red book so don’t have the exact weight to hand. She was 10lbs-something (sorry Elin, I’ll remember next time!) but they were very impressed with how she’d bulked up from her 8lbs 9oz birth weight.I believe they said if she had gained 500 grams they’d consider her as thriving and she had gained 700! 

*Update, she’s been weighed at 7 weeks 3 days and is a whopping 12lbs 12oz – the gold top milk is doing her well!*

She is also stretching out and is now in 0-3 month clothing.


She is still being exclusively breastfed. Wait, can you say that if she has had a bottle and formula at some point in her life?

What I mean by exclusively breastfed is that there are very few times she has had a bottle or formula but on a day to day basis, she’s on the boob.

There was a blip at four weeks. I was concerned that she had reflux and over Easter weekend I couldn’t deal with the upset anymore, so bought her anti-reflux formula.

Well. Instant regret. I hated that I’d bought it and was terrified at the thought of no longer breastfeeding. However, it was decided we would try it and I would express (all key howlers when trying to establish a supply, but sometimes when you are your wits end you will try anything), anyway it did nada.

I later booked to see a lactation consultant concerned that she had reflux caused by tongue tie. None of which was the case.

I had a “forceful letdown” which was causing her to be really sicky and once we managed that, it turned out she had colic (a whole new beast). In her fourth week, her screaming fits went from being random bursts in the day to solid blocks that went on all evening which made us realise she had colic.

Colic IS settling now. Touch wood. We’ve not had a whole evening of screaming for about a week now. Hallelujah. She still has fussy periods and needs to be held upright for a while but its not a patch on what it was before.

We didn’t do anything to solve it, in fact quite the opposite. I stopped using infacol/gripe water/insert other colic relieving medicine here, purely through forgetting to use them to be honest and she has seemed to get better.

I am considering re-introducing Colief as she has some of the lactose intolerance symptoms that her brother had as so I will keep you posted on that.


She is still a great sleeper at night. She wakes once or twice for a feed and its simply the case of flopping out the boob and she feeds lying next to me. So I am pretty happy with that arrangement.

The downside of having a baby in your bed? Newborn poop. I’ve been scouring Groupon’s new mattress deals in the hopes of finding a new mattress protector, because at the moment her farts are lethal and newborn poop stains!

Daytimes she currently spends 80% of her time in the baby wrap (just like her brother did) I have worried that I’ve been making a rod for my own back but needs must. It’s so much easier to keep her attached to me than have eyes in the back of my head when it comes to Rory. She settles so much better in the wrap, especially when it comes to her gripey tum.

How is Mama?

Postpartum I feel back to scratch. Recovery was starting to annoy me. I hate maternity pads. With a goddamn passion and I am glad too  see the back of them. The just become so sore after a while. I have heard that fabric ones are supposed to be better but hindsight is a wonderful thing. The bleeding/postpartum pad thing does wear thin pretty quickly and you stop feeling like yourself. It actually starts to get me down. My bleeding stopped at about 5 weeks (I think!!)

Talking of feeling like myself again, just this week my brain has finally stopped feeling like mush. I’ve been feeling pretty unmotivated recently which, as I type this,  I realise I’v been pretty hard on myself. My brain has been mentally full up with adjusting to life with two small humans in tow. SO naturally there hasn’t really been room for much else.

I am however glad to be feeling like I have slightly more time and motivation to get back to work. I’ve missed it. This blog isn’t just my source of income. Its so much more than that. It’s something that allows me to be creative, to be myself. I love my #1 job of beimg a mother, love love love it, but day in and day out of that being everything can be testing. I love having this little hub to be something more thsn just mama.


Baby Wrap: For all of the reasons above! It’s been an absolute lifesaver. Its handy with Elin for many reasons. She is gripey and needs to be held upright a lot so its amazing for that and it keeps her out of the way of Rory. (Rory would never hurt her, he’s just clumsy)

Dummies: Finally the girl takes a dummy! (insert prayer hands emoji).  I bloody love dummies. They are parenting gold. Both my babes were never really fussed at first but had their click moments. I just found them so helpful to offer comfort especially when E is being fussy. Apparently suckling triggers something calming within us, so I am an advocate. 

Bibs: Girl can puke. This saves her outfits.

Muslin Blankets: As above. These save my outfits. 



*This is a collaborative post

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