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Early Weaning | Why, Essentials & Product’s You Don’t Need.

April 12, 2017

Weaning is a really exciting time, but it does seem to be the first time after having a newborn that you’re thrown back into the deep end not having a clue what to do or what to buy! Here are some of the items I found to make our experience all the more enjoyable.

There are two reasons we went down the early weaning route. 1, Rory was lactose intolerant and a very hungry lad. When you have a lactose intolerant babe, your formula choices are limited and there us no ‘hungry baby’ option. Rory was downing milk and we thought that maybe weaning may help satisfy him a little more (it hasn’t, he still loves milk!) 2, We go on holiday when Rory is seven months and I wanted him to be a reasonably established weaner to make life easier for him and offer him more food choice when we are away.

The first ten days of weaning were not great, it was a lot of trying to coax purée into his mouth whenever he opened it and lunchtimes used to fill me with anxiety as Rory jus didn’t seem to be enjoying it. As I was about to give up and wait until he was six months old, he suddenly opened his mouth! He has been loving food ever since.

Weaning Essentials: 
Babease Pouches: These are like baby crack I swear it. Rory wasn’t really that bothered about weaning until I brought out the fruit versions of these and honestly, he nearly tore my arm off for it. Kirsty’s little boy Harrison is also is obsessed with them, you can see the video here. I absolutely love these pouches for convenience when on the go and what’s also great about these is that they offer something above normal pouches by having ingredients like brown rice and quinoa in them which you wouldn’t normally include in a homemade purée. Click here to buy.
Nuby Garden Fresh Pots: These are perfect for storing your purée’s in as they’re a great portion size, to save freezer space I spoon my purées into it, let them freeze and then transfer them into a zip-loc bag. Click here to buy.
Zip Loc Bags & a Sharpie: These are fantastic essentials to save freezer space and keep all of your purées in one place. Zip-loc bags are also great for freezing fruit for teething babies and even their tethers to keep them clean. Click here to buy.
Tommee Tippee First Cup: If you’re looking to start using a sippee cup, this one is fantastic. It has a normal bottle teat that then transitions to a beaker style end which I found so good as Rory couldn’t quite get the hang of a new beaker cup spout. I wasn’t that bothered about him starting with a sippee cup, but he has started wanting a drink when he is in the pushchair and obviously walking a feeding isn’t ideal so I have started getting him used to being able to do it himself. Click here to buy.
Muslin Blankets: I never really got the whole “you can never have too many muslin blankets” thing until teething began and weaning and now I get it. These are great to have on hand just to keep the mess reduction down. Click here to buy.
Roll Neck Bibs: These are fab at not letting dribbly bits of purée from slipping between babies neck and bib and getting clothes all stained. I have these ones from Tommee Tippee which are fab, we also like these ones from Nuby – however, I do find that it’s quite hard to get the stains out the Nuby ones. Click here to buy.
Hand Blender: We invested in the fancy steam and blend things and to be honest, I just felt they created more work! They’re hard to use and hard to clean. I had a hand blender to make soups and find this the quickest and easiest thing to use, also at least then it has multiple uses. I also use out Nutri-Bullet which is also fantastic. Click here to buy.
Pinterest: Pinterest is an amazing source of purée recipes! I have taken so much inspiration from it. You can find my weaning board here.
Wet Wipes: No matter what route you decide to take when it comes to weaning, its messy as hell. Purée gets into every little baby crevice, finger food gets crushed and BLW seems ends up everywhere but the babies mouth – do yourself a favour and stock up on some wipes. For weaning, I love the Aldi ones, but Johnsons are also fab. Click here to buy.
Bumbo: We started weaning Rory in his bouncer, but I think this had a lot to do with him not taking to it well to start with, once we moved him into his Bumbo he was so good. I think he liked being sat up properly and having his own “space” when it came to food. He has quickly outgrown his Bumbo and is now in a highchair but it is perfect for the first steps – we picked ours up for £5 on our local Buy & Sell Facebook page. Click here to buy.
Long Handled Spoons: These are designed for getting the food out of the bottom of jars, however, I personally like them as babies grab spoons and at least with a longer handle, there is less chance of your baby getting a handful of purée! Click here to buy.

Products we didn’t end up using: 
Beaba Steam & Blend: I bought one of these and used it once, it just turned out to be way more a faff than anything else. The lids are really hard to open, and you have to change the blade etc. They’re also hard work to clean. I found it so much easier just using a hand blender.
Ice Cube Trays: The theory behind this is great, make purée and freeze in ice cube trays, but I would recommend getting the specific weaning ones. The ice cube trays are great for making small portions, but it doesn’t take long for your baby to want more and the ice cube trays then are not big enough. I used mine for a week, maximum.
Individual Freezer Pots: I found these took up a lot of freezer space and it’s easy to forget what’s is in there and when you put it in, I have found that freezing them to a moulded shape and adding to a zip-loc bag by flavour a much easier method!

*This post contains affiliate links and PR samples.

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