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Dressing For Date Night: What To Wear?

January 19, 2015

As a busy parent, things like date nights can be few and far between. Running around after kids, running a household and trying to stay sane is the priority- however making that time for your partner is so important. If you have the opportunity to arrange a date night then it’s worth going for it, perhaps your parents or in laws could have the children for an evening, giving you and your love the chance to go out and enjoy each other’s company. It helps to keep bonds and the relationship strong, and can provide you with a much needed break too. But if you don’t go out all that often anymore, chances are you’re unsure what you should wear. You probably don’t want to spend lots of money on items you’ll hardly get to wear, however there are a couple of tricks that can bring down the cost- and still allow you to look fabulous.

Go with an LBD

You can’t go wrong with a little black dress, find one that you feel good in. Choose a cut and style that suits you and flatters you figure and you have a staple piece for just about any special occasion, including date night. You can dress it up with heels, some Otomo Pearls and some red lipstick for a more fancy affair. You could wear it with opaque tights if it’s cold, and then wear it with either a blazer or cardigan, boots or flats. This gives you all kinds of different looks and you could style something for a restaurant, drinks, the cinema or whatever else it is you plan on doing. You get lots of different looks out of the one dress and it can be worn for other occasions too. A great investment and something well worth buying, even if you don’t get to go out all that much.

Learn to do your hair and makeup

You can glam up even a casual outfit with the right hair and makeup, and so knowing how to do this gives you lots of options for date night. It doesn’t have to be anything really elaborate, if you purchase a curling wand and watch a couple of Youtube videos you can have glamorous hair whenever you go out. You can buy fantastic makeup products even from the drugstore, learn how to do a good smokey eye and apply false lashes and you can amp up any outfit you have on. Even black trousers, leggings or skinny jeans with a nice top and heels or boots can be a fantastic date night outfit. Being able to glam up with your hair and makeup is a useful skill to have when it comes to date nights.

Wear comfortable footwear

Heels will make any outfit look more dressy, but don’t invest in high heels that you hate wearing and can hardly walk in. Heels don’t have to be skyscrapers, go with a size you can walk in and don’t feel too uncomfortable. If you really hate wearing heels you can still dress up for date night wearing flats. How about flat, black suede knee boots? You could also try low wedges that give you a little height and the appearance of heels with a far more stable footing. Buy something in black or a neutral colour so they can be worn for date night, but you also have them for all kinds of other special occasions too.  

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