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Don’t Let Anybody, Including Yourself, Body-Shame You

May 15, 2013

Did you know that the term body-shaming is a relatively new invention? In fact, it’s been created in the past decade to describe a new social behaviour, namely mocking people for their weight. In past centuries, it was considered healthy and wealthy to have some flesh and curves on the body. It was a sign that you were rich enough to satisfy your appetite. Admittedly, there were also gluttony abuses that led to cases of diabetes and gout, but more often than not it was the slimmer part of the population that suffered from recurring and dramatic health issues. In fact, being slim used to be an indication of your social class. You were slim because you couldn’t buy enough food. Nowadays, it seems that the social expectations and commentaries have evolved to the point where slim means wealthy and fat means uncared for. But people don’t stop at thoughts. They actively shame those who don’t meet their body expectations. Do you know the worst of it? You do it too and to no one else than yourself! This has to stop.

Your body serves a purpose

Not so long ago, Kate Middleton posed with William in front of the maternity where she gave birth to her third child. While a lot of comments were positive, there was a significant number of people criticising her post-birth body. It so turns out that a woman’s body after baby doesn’t go back to its pre-baby shape.  As surprising as it might sound, your body is not a machine, it’s alive, and as such, it needs to take time to heal. At the heart of it, your body is not a piece of art. It performs a function. It’s there to give birth. In this sense, your body is perfect. And that’s precisely what you need to keep in mind next time you’re looking at the post-baby bump in the mirror.

Don’t hate yourself; you’ll get there

Admittedly, there’s no denying that slimmer bodies are healthier, but for a lot of new mothers, it doesn’t mean you have to go back to your pre-baby weight. It just means that you want to reduce the accumulation of unhealthy fat – or you can help target it effectively with if you’re in a rush. Areas that can be dangerous for fat is essential around the stomach areas as this could link to insulin production. So, how do you lose your baby bump? By keeping active throughout the day. There’s no need to go on a diet if you don’t want to. Walking with your baby can help a lot.

Healthy eating is key

Slim is no synonym for superior

It’s also crucial that you get yourself in the right mindset. Slim is not better, and it’s not always healthier. What matters is to keep your body healthy through regular activities and healthy food. If your body is healthy, you’ve already achieved your goal. While you might want to shed a few extra pounds, you need to be clear that it’s something you’re doing for yourself and not to fit in.

Unfortunately, body-shaming has become second-nature for a lot of people, including ourselves. While you may not be criticising others, your perception of your body is tainted with body shame. It’s key to change the relationship you have with your body to address weight issues healthily.

*This is a contributed post

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