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Do Dublin Like A Boss In 24 Hours

July 23, 2014

If you only have one day in Dublin, why didn’t you book to stay longer?! This is a city worthy of more than twenty-four hours of your time. However, if one day is all you have, you’ll want to cram in as much Irish charm and dynamism as possible. Dublin is the capital of the Emerald Isle, a wonderful cosmopolitan metropolis famed for its welcoming people, fantastic nightlife and historical attractions. Modern yet never forgetting its past, Dublin is a forward thinking and vibrant city and has seen an explosion in its credentials as a tourist destination.

Split by the Liffey River, the city also has two magnificent canals. There is an urban sprawl that is the Docklands area, the famous and scenic Temple Bar area and the amazing greenery of Trinity College. If you want to travel around all the sights that Dublin has to offer, take a look at this itinerary that may inspire your visit to Ireland’s majestic capital city.


Begin your day with a trip to the Lemonjelly Cafe on the north side of the city. Forget your usual English breakfast fayre and opt for one of the eatery’s famous savoury crepes. If you have room, you can even have a sweet banana toffee one for pudding. The cappuccino is second to none and will set you up for your day exploring the city.

Trinity College

Once you’ve finished fuelling up on delicious grub, take a stroll to Trinity College and explore the glorious grounds. The quadrangle is an excellent place to while away a couple of hours, but as you only have one day, maybe cut down the chill out time a little. There is a marvellous cobbled stone arch that looks spectacular and is a great spot to take a selfie and post your Amaro filtered snap onto Instagram.

On Yer Bike

It’s time to grab a bike and pay just a couple of euros for two hours of usage. The bikes aren’t the most ergonomically well designed, but they are cheap and will get you around the city speedily. Head down to Temple Bar and partake in a tipple of Guinness or two. If you adore the Irish stout of the Gods, why not take a detour to the Guinness Storehouse to learn about the history of the brewing process. You can even sign up for the tasting experience and enjoy sipping your way around the attraction. Just make sure you don’t partake in so much that you can no longer ride your bike.


As your stomach will be growling needing some cuisine to soak up the alcohol you’ve ingested, it’s time to grab a bite to eat at Roly’s Bistro in the atmospheric Ballsbridge area of the city. You can sample some delectable Irish seafood or some Irish prime Hereford beef. The menu is vast, and the prices are reasonable for such an outstanding eatery.


In the afternoon it’s time to do some shopping. Head to Grafton Street for your designer labels and Drury Street for more vintage and kooky attire. You might fancy shopping for your latest mod outfit, some retro vinyl or a piece of vintage Scandinavian furniture. If you want something hip and cool, you’ll find it on Drury Street.


For dinner, you have your pick of restaurants from F X Buckley Steakhouse to the swanky Chapter One. You might prefer to stop off at one of the many fish and chips shops adorning the city. These eateries are much more sophisticated than the English equivalents – you could have your choice of fish and choose how it is cooked, from plaice to haddock and from monkfish to cod. Grilled, fried or baked, you can select your ideal fish and chips supper. Complete with a cup of Irish tea, you can be sure of a tasty and hearty dinner.

After Dark

If you are lucky enough to be in the city as the sun goes down, this is when Dublin comes alive. Any of the drinking establishments in Temple Bar or canalside will be full of friendly Irish folk and plenty of fellow tourists. Don’t be surprised if someone offers you a Guinness and wants to regale you with tales of their beautiful city. Dublin natives are proud of their city and their country and will go out of their way to make you feel like one of them even if just for one evening.

Dublin is a magical city, with something for everyone. If you can afford to stay just twenty four hours longer, you could see even more of what Dublin has to offer…


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