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Ditch The Pastels! Make The Nursery Chic And Unique

December 1, 2014

How many times has a well-meaning friend, your mum or a work colleague enquired as to whether you’ve finished the nursery yet? You don’t mind the polite questioning, but it’s hard when you have absolutely no idea how to decorate the sleeping quarters of your imminent little arrival. While the usual way to go is down the pastel pink path or the powder blue road, you want something a little different. Take a look at these unique and chic ideas that’ll give you some much-needed nursery inspiration.


It’s vital that you spend some time prepping for your ideas to take shape. Whip out a pen and paper along with a tape measure and draw out a rough sketch of the space you have to play with. Draw out some configurations. Where are you going to put the crib? Do you want a changing mat on a chest of drawers? Do you need a nursing chair? By doing some rough plans, you’ll be able to see if all of the furniture you have will fit in the space. You might also glean some much-needed inspiration for colour schemes and wall art.

The Cot

The integral part of any nursery is the vessel in which your baby sleeps. You could, of course, go for the more traditional wooden cot, complete with railing sides. However, you may want to take a look at Moses baskets as an alternative. They are more suited to newborns and premature babies who can look a little lost in a vast space of a cot. Being lighter and more mobile, you can transport a Moses basket around your house, meaning that your baby can be with you during the day for nap times. Because they aren’t swapping from cot to basket, they’ll be more used to their sleeping environment come night time so won’t be as restless when you put them down.

The Walls

You could opt for a neutral cream or play around with lighter shades of green or yellow. A striped wall can look chic using slightly altered hues of the same colour for each stripe. Ensure that the room isn’t too dark and select lighter colours. You don’t want anything too bright or too bold, and instead you want to use shades that are conducive to rest and sleep. Adorning the walls, you may want a gallery wall featuring all your family members. This way, your little bundle of joy can get to know their relatives on those sleepless and restless nights even if they don’t see them too often.

The Ceiling

If you’re feeling particularly creative, you could wallpaper the ceiling of the nursery. This can be a great substitute for a mobile and give your little one something to focus on when they are struggling to sleep. Choose a monochrome type design which isn’t overly complex. When they are trying to look at a pattern, they’ll be concentrating and (hopefully) making themselves tired in the same way that counting sheep works for us adults.

You don’t have to follow the tried and tested trends when designing the nursery for your newborn. Try out some alternative options that will result in the chic and unique nursery that you’re after.

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