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Dining Room Tour | Home Decor

June 30, 2016

Wall Paint – Gannymeade by Valspar (B&Q)
Dining Room Table – Dove and Grey via eBay
Metal Chairs – Dove and Grey via eBay
White Chairs – eBay
Photo Frames – Ikea (pictures printed via Photobox)
Light Fitting – eBay
Shelves – eBay
The dining room is easily one of my favourite rooms in the house, it has a lovely feeling and just feels generally put together! I cannot take too much credit for it though as the decor inspiration was all Rich – no fancy Pinterest boards here! He came up with the ‘rustic’ idea and everything just came together. 

Our dining room table is from a company called Dove & Grey which I found via eBay. We were looking for a super cheap dining table that we could up-cycle but once I had seen this it set a pretty high standard! It also bought a lot of inspiration for the rustic theme of the room. We decided to use money that we got for our wedding and treat ourselves to an “investment” piece of furniture. 
The metal chairs are also from Dove & Grey, they were quite pricey but once they arrived the quality made it totally worth it. You can’t see it here but they also have seat pads. The white chairs are again, from eBay (starting to notice a pattern in my shopping habits yet?) and were really cheap.
I’m really glad I got these pictures from Ikea, they have completely transformed the room. The frames were really affordable, just £9 each but finding somewhere that made the right size prints was more difficult. I ended up using Photobox where the prints were £6 each.
Finding these shelves was a gem, we had tried to create the same effect as cost saving as possible, but it worked out more expensive. I just ended up searching “rustic shelves” on eBay and this guy was one of the more affordable. The quality of them is absolutely insane though!
And just because it wouldn’t be a true representation of my home without a picture of Maggie the Frenchie. I absolutely love ‘nosying’ at other people’s homes to get home decor ideas so if you have any links then please leave them in the comments!
You can watch my super quick video version of the dining room tour here. Please like and subscribe for more interiors videos!

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