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Is Designer and Luxury Homeware Worth the Price-tag?

December 1, 2014

We all know that designer brands don’t come cheap. If anything, that’s part of the overall appeal. There’s something strangely satisfying in spending a relatively large amount of money on an investment piece, whether that’s clothing, homeware, accessories, or any other form of designer good. But when people consider investing in luxury items, there’s one question that always springs to mind: is the product really worth the price tag? Well, let’s take a look. We’ll stick with homeware for the moment. Here are a few different designer and luxury homeware items, our review of them and whether we think they’re worth forking out for or not.


Sofas are often the centrepiece of any living space. Not only are they functional, but they can greatly contribute to a room’s aesthetic. So, before purchasing any sofa, you need to take both of these things into consideration. What shape sofa do you find comfortable? Do you like a deep seat. Do you prefer a high back or a low back? Are thick arms important to you? Perhaps you do a lot of reading on the sofa or like to nap, laying your book or head on the armrest. Would you prefer the smooth, cool touch of leather type materials? Or would you rather snuggle up on soft velvet? Now for appearance: these can vary drastically from one sofa to another. Just take a look at the range available in the Fendi casa store. Dark colours can add an air of mysterious sophistication to a room. Bright colours can add a splash of colour and a bold playfulness. Once you find the sofa of your dreams, it’s definitely worth the investment considering the amount of time you’ll spend on it and the huge impact it can have on any given room.

Wall Art

Wall art varies drastically in price. What someone would consider worth barely anything at all, another would be willing to spend hundreds of thousands on, given the opportunity. Generally, price depends on public demand. The more people that are interested in a piece, the greater it will be valued in monetary terms. Then there are considerations in terms of availability and accessibility. Reprints from a thousand runs of a great artwork will be worth hardly anything, while limited edition prints from less renowned artists will have much higher prices. When it comes to art, only you can decide whether you value something enough to pay the asking price or not.

In short, we believe that, objectively, when it comes to buying homeware, you really do get what you pay for. The quality and durability of the textiles that designer and luxury brands use are far superior to those that can be acquired on a cheaper budget. However, when it comes to more subjective pieces, such as artwork and framed photography, it’s entirely up to you! What one person will love another will despise. But at the end of the day, it’s your home. Do exactly as you please with it! Stick with your gut instinct and invest in pieces that bring a smile to your face. Surround yourself with beautiful things!

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