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Dealing With A Dark And Dingy House

December 1, 2014

A lack of light in the home is probably the hardest design hurdle to overcome. If you aren’t happy with the decor in a room you can just redecorate and it’s fine, but if your house is dark and dingy, it doesn’t matter what colour you paint it or what decoration you put up, it won’t look the way that you want it to. Painting in bright colours can sometimes help a little but a coat of paint is never going to get around the problem of a dark house. Luckily, there are ways you can get around it. If you’re fed up with your house feeling dingy and claustrophobic, here’s what you can do about it.

Add Windows

This is the most obvious one; if there isn’t enough light in the house bring more in by adding windows. That doesn’t mean you should just start adding an extra window in every room, it’ll look weird and it’ll cost you a lot of money. You need to be strategic about your window placements. One area that you can add windows without them looking out of place is in the kitchen; if you’ve got a window above the sink you can just extend it by adding another window either side. Alternatively, putting skylights in the kitchen works very well. You can usually get away with skylights in the bedrooms as well.

French Doors

Adding windows in the living room can be tricky and they might end up looking wrong. However, getting some good quality sliding french doors is a great alternative. It opens up the room right out into the garden and turns most of that back wall into a big window. The light will come flooding in and brighten the room up no end. They also work great in the kitchen as well and they’re a good selling point if you ever move. It’s always worth remembering that, as a general rule, french doors should only go on the back of the property.

Interior Doors

When people are trying to bring light into the house they always tend to focus on getting more light in from outside, what they forget about is making sure that the light that does come in is circulating properly. If you’ve got some nice french doors in the kitchen, and a big wooden door to the rest of the house, you’ve lit that room but the rest of the house is still dark. It’s worth swapping out all of your interior doors for ones with large glass panels in. That way, any light that comes in will circulate around the house and make the whole building generally brighter, rather than just the one room.

Remove Walls

If you’ve tried all of that other stuff and there are still areas of the house that are really dark, it’s time to take more drastic measures. If the layout of the house is stopping light from circulating, taking down unnecessary walls is a good way to solve that problem. For example, if you’ve got a wall between the kitchen and living room areas, getting rid of it will open that room up, making it look a lot bigger as well as bringing light through from the french doors at the back.

A dark house isn’t the end of the world, with these changes you’ll be basking in sun in no time.


*This is a collaborative post

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